Jan 25, 2012

Product of the Week: Klorane Soothing Make-Up Remover Gel

My first encounter with a Klorane product was very dim.  I purchased their "award-winning" dry shampoo and despised the smell and feel of my hair after using it.  Needless to say, I typically walked past the Klorane section of the drugstore without so much as a glance.  But this weekend was different.

I ran out of eye make-up remover about three weeks ago and have been using baby shampoo instead.  As much as I like using this alternative, I find it's best if used in small doses and NOT as part of a daily routine.  (See, it dries out my skin ever so slightly and makes my under eyes slightly puffy.  In other words, not good!)  So, I went to London Drugs and after perusing the aisles, I stumbled on the new Klorane display advertising their eye make-up removers.  So, after some debate between liquid or gel, I snatched up the gel and made a dash to the cashier.

Once at home, I opened up the tube and was instantly met with a sweet, clean scent.  Usually most eye make-up removers have a very alcohol-based smell, one that irritates my eyes and even my face.  However, this one smelled very floral and quite soft.  Another HUGE plus for me was the packaging.  I love the tube!!!  It's so much easier to be able to squeeze out the perfect amount of product and have the lid close completely, making it extremely sanitary.

Klorane Soothing Make-up Remover Gel with Cornflower Water

Beautiful light smell
Sanitary packaging
Easy to use 
Gel removes all make-up in a few swipes
Doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes or skin
Cornflower water known to soothe skin
Price - $17 CAD

All in all, I would definitely repurchase this product. I love how my skin and eye area feels after using this product and the smell is so nice that I want to use it all the time!!  It's the price, though, that's getting me.  But, let's be honest, a great eye make-up remover IS necessary....

Have any of you ladies tried this product before?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I've never heard of this brand before, so your post intrigues me just with that. I hate the alcohol smell of eye make-up remover and that slimy feel you sometimes get.
    The gel seems like a great alternative! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Klorane do amazing shampoos too. Quite curious about this, I'm always looking for a great make up remover!

  3. Nice!! This product looks really good. Shall keep an eye for it :) Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hey! I've awarded your blog the "Cute Blog Award": http://ultaismycandystore.blogspot.com/


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