Jan 23, 2012

How To Burn In a Tanning Bed

Yes, this is my "burn line".
On a whim, I decided to try tanning over the weekend.  Yes, strange, I know but with the photo shoot coming up in less than a week drastic measures needed to be taken.  After some driving around the neighborhood, I chose a very reputable-looking company and waltzed in.

The girl was very friendly and we talked for a good 15 minutes about tanning products, my inability to tan and tanning goggles.  I bought a package and was shown to a Super King Tanning Bed with Separate Face Tanner.  After applying the special tan accelerator, I rolled into the bed, closed the lid around me began "tanning".

It wasn't until 4 hours later that I realized my mistake.  I must have asked her for a booth that gives a really bad sunburn.  I mean, how else could I have gone tanning and ended up with a backside the color of a boiled lobster or legs that couldn't even bend anymore.  So, should you ever want to end up with a fabulous red skin tone, please follow these tips:

1.  Try and find a tanning salon that claims "no one ever burns in our beds" and actually truly believes it.  Your burn will be very red and excruciating if the girl making that claim is very young, pale and "always tans in this bed for 15 minutes or more."

2.  When given tan accelerator creams, always choose one that says "Dark Accelerator".  This cream will always turn your skin a nice red tinge particularly if you haven't been tanning in say, oh, 14 years.  Even if your gut says this cream is wrong, ignore that voice and listen to the salesperson.  They have your best interest at heart.  Ensure that you put this cream absolutely everywhere.  Your stomach, your chest, your kneecaps and even your bum because you won't be uneven this way.

3.  9 minutes (for a first timer) is the perfect amount of time to get a fabulous red glow.  Though most companies start their newbies off at 5 - 6 minutes (and work gradually up from there), pushing for 9 minutes guarantees you that crisp red glow you're seeking.

4.  Avoid the automatic turn-off button at all costs.  Remember, no ones burns in a tanning bed and even if you're skin feels slightly tingly, it's been said that this is a "normal" feeling.

5.  Always give yourself over two hours before showering.  This gives your burn ample time to spread through your body and attack all areas evenly.  And, when you do shower, use warm water.  This works best if you don't know you're burned...

There you have it ladies!  The perfect way to get sun burned while in a tanning salon.  Now, if you already have a tendency to tan when in the sun/bed well aren't you lucky?

PS - I should mention that this pic was taken on day 2 and not the day of the tan because the day of I was an absolute lobster, seriously.  And, I'm starting to peel, which is the worst part of a burn ever.  It better be gone by next Saturday....fingers crossed!


  1. OUCH! I hope your skin gets better soon. Did the salon have anything to say for themselves?

  2. Oh gosh ... I cannot emphasize enough the dangers of tanning beds. As someone with a lovely big skin cancer scar marring her flesh from the age of 23*, let me tell you that even if you are 10000% sure you will never get skin cancer, guess what - skin cancer, not unlike honey badger, don't give a $@#%. If you think you look better with a tan please for the love of anything find a good fake tan. And even more importantly, please PLEASE, for the sake of those of us who now have to have annual full-body skin checks in case the cancer returns, please don't glorify tanning on your otherwise awesome blog :(

    *Mine, as far as we can tell, was because of a bad sunburn I had at the age of TEN. Skin cancer doesn;t *just* go after the people who "earn" it by tanning all the time.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that info Erin!!! I have to say that I completely agree with you. My mother had skin cancer and I do know the effects of sun damage and tanning. I'll be honest, this was my first time (in over 14 years) for tanning in a bed as I am always the girl that piles on the sunscreen and doesn't go in the sun. I can also say that this is my last time tanning.

      I should also say that I am not glorifying tanning at all in this post. In fact, I am stating how awful the experience was for me. I do though appreciate your comments and your advice for others out there.


    2. I agree my sister in law got second degree burns after they left her and i in the tanning bed for 15 min each then they put her in a sream macine, she has places that are ooozing, its terrible

  3. Ouch! hope you're skins heals in time for the photoshoot! Your sarcasim is very obvious in the post Christina! Cute post! As always!
    I promise to stay away from tanning beds for all time!! xoxo

  4. Oh you poor thing! I really hope your skin feels better dear. I hear aloe helps!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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