Feb 10, 2016

How To: Picking the Best Skin Care Products for Your Skin

Fresh, clean skin after my nighttime skin care routine!
Skin care products have always been important to me but in the past 6 months I've become quite the skin care snob.  I don't know if it's because I'm more concerned about anti-aging products or I'm tired of trying new things, but I have found the perfect skin care routine for me and it only took about 10 years.

The whole routine - All my skin care products used both day and night 

Before you spend your time and money searching for the perfect products, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:
1) Am I willing to commit to a routine both day and night?
2) How important is anti-aging or treatment to me?
3) What is my budget?

These are such important questions.  For me, I knew I was committed to using products both day and night, without fail.  I also knew that anti-aging was important to me, as was treating my skin.  I was also committed to spending the money AS LONG as the products worked.

Committing to a Routine 

Skin care products, especially treatment products, will not work without consistency.  If a product that you love says to use both day and night, and it's only being used at night, it won't work, period.  On that note, each person's skin is completely different.  I use my cleanser at night, only, and then use my toner only in the morning, to remove the nighttime debris.  The toner says to use twice a day but my skin would be too dry if I did that.  However, my facial oil is used twice a day.  

You know your skin and you will be able to determine what is going to work best.

My skin care treatment goodies

 Picking an Anti-Aging or Treatment Product

My favorite product, of all time, is a serum.  Seriously, I love nothing more than to put a gorgeous smelling serum over my cleansed skin.  Nothing beats that feeling of clean skin.  

Picking a treatment product can take time especially because everyone's treatment needs are different.  For myself, I always want something that's going to keep my skin glowing, erase early signs of aging and brighten my skin tone.  I use two different products for this along with my facial oil moisturizers.

When starting out with serums, visit your favorite beauty store and request samples.  This will give you an idea of what they smell like AND how they feel on your skin.  The other great thing about big department stores or beauty stores like Sephora, they will take back your tried products if you are unhappy.  Of course, if you've used the whole product they won't but if you've tried it and it doesn't work for you, return it and try something new.

My treatment serum is Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil and my anti-aging serum is Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil.  My moisturizer is Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light.

My favorite toner!  I've been using this for 10 years 

What Is Your Budget

It's true that some great products can really break the bank.  My rescue oil has a price point of $85 per 1 fluid ounce.  I justify this because it lasts me about 3 months and to me, it's an investment.  It keeps me skin glowing and line free.

However, not everyone wants to spend that and I can completely understand.  I have also used some fabulous over the counter serums (aka Oil of Olay, L'Oreal) for less than $15 each.  Remember to find the price point that best suits your needs AND provides you with the outcome you are looking for.

Skin care is such an important step in creating the perfect canvas for makeup.  If you don't have a skin care routine, start one!  Your skin will thank you!!

What are your favorite skin care products??

Up close and personal - No makeup and still glowing!


Feb 9, 2016

Ipsy Canada January 2016

I am so late in posting this.  It came when I was on holidays and I literally just opened and had to share with you my awesome goodies!

I am so happy with this month!

First off, the bag is absolutely adorable!  In my package, I received the Model Co Highlighting Trio (which I redeemed points for), Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint Creme, the Balm Mr. Write Now Eyeliner Pen in Jac, Coastal Scents Pearl Shadow Angle Brush, City Color Eyeshadow Trio in Falling Leaves and Skyn Glacial Cleansing Cloths.

The Model Co Highlighting Trio was SO WORTH the redemption.  Seriously, I am in love with it.

Its month's like this that make it such a worthwhile subscription for me.

What did you get last month?


Jan 14, 2016

Topbox Canada December 2015

Topbox has been cancelled.  Even though it's only about $11 a month, after receiving this box, I was so ready to end my Topbox relationship.

December's Topbox consisted of Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask, Hask Manoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner, Fruits & Passions Regenerating Hand Cream and Starlooks Pro Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen.

The products are great, actually, so you're probably wondering why I chose to cancel.  The issue is this is my second time receiving most of these items as I already received them in my other subscription box.  I did leave feedback with Topbox citing the "need for more beauty products" as my reason for cancelling.

Maybe they'll listen to my feedback.

What did you get in your Topbox?  Anything different than mine?


Jan 13, 2016

Sun, Sand and Surf - Red Lip Gloss on Vacation

Red Lip Gloss on Holidays!

Guess where we're going for vacation at the end of this week?  If the tacos, enchiladas and guacamole aren't hints enough, we're going to MEXICO!  We can't wait to see the sun, the beach and introduce Benjamin to the ocean.

I am usually the best packer, especially for a 2 week trip away from home.  I would usually only bring a carry-on suitcase.  However, packing for yourself AND a baby means that you take the largest suitcase you can find and fill it with every possible thing a baby could need and then throw in your couple bathing suits, if there's any room left over for yourself.  Despite having very little room, I have managed to put in a couple cute items.

Puerto Vallarta

First, we're going to Puerto Vallarta for 11 days and this is a picture of the actual resort we'll be staying at.  What's even better is our amazing friends will be joining us on this adventure.  YAY.

When it comes to dressing on vacation, I practically live in my bikinis and sarongs or a lightweight bathing suit cover.  I've pretty much only packed items like this,


Plus, I don't have much room in the suitcase for anything else!!  Ha.

We can't wait to go on holidays.  As of this Saturday, we'll be off enjoying Mexico and lounging by the water.  Woohoo


Jan 12, 2016

Ipsy Canada December 2015

I mentioned to Allan that if the Ipsy bag for December wasn't amazing, then I would be cancelling my subscription.  However, I have not cancelled it and am so glad I didn't because my January bag is going to be amazing.  This one, unfortunately, fell short.

I received Peter Lamas Spa Sensuals Intensive Repair Hand Cream, Pacifica Natural Minerals Lipstick in Nudie Red, Formula X Nail Color in Revved Up, Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask and Model Co Illusion Lip Liner.

I love Pacifica however this lipstick is not good.  It's way too light to be classified as a red and actually blends into my lips.  Plus I thought it funny that they gave a lip liner that does not match the lipstick at all.  I LOVE the moisture mask though so that was a plau.

What did you receive in your Ipsy bag?

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