Apr 16, 2015

Pinterest Find of the Week: Make Your Eyes POP with Younique

As you all know, I love Younique and actually sell the line in my spare time.  I don't talk about it on here too much, as I not really looking to advertise, but I do feel I need to mention how GREAT their pigments are.

For those that aren't familiar with them, why aren't you???  They are priced really great and the colors are absolutely sublime.  You have to check these out.

 If you are wanting to try this line out, send me a quick message and I can totally hook you up.  The products are fantastic and you will not be disappointed.


Apr 13, 2015

Beauty Haul: Flower Cosmetics by Drew Berrymore

I posted about Drew's makeup line eons ago and, for some reason, it's taken me this long to purchase any of the products.  I know, weird, right?

Last week I made a trip to Walmart (where this line is exclusively sold) and picked up a few items.  Not only is the price point decent (think $11 for a loose face powder and $8 for a lip stick) but the colors available are pretty good.  I will say that I expected a bigger line of products in store but it could be that I was shopping in Canada.  (The website does seem stocked with a lot of items).

I picked up (from left to right) Sheer Up Lip Tint in Airy Orchid, Lip Suede Velvet Lip Chubby in Berry-More, Kiss Stick Luxury Lip Color in Berry Bloom, Powder Up Loose Powder in Shade L01 and Intensif-Eye Intense Black Volumizing Mascara.  As you all know I am beyond obsessed with berry lip colors right now (hence the similarity in all my chosen colors) but I am most excited to try the mascara.  It has a 3-way brush that allows for buildable lash volume.  I can't wait to try it out!

Cute little loose powder container right?  Love the packaging.

Colors, from left to right, are Airy Orchid, Berry-More, and Berry Bloom.

All in all, I am looking forward to trying out all the items.  Will take pics soon once I am wearing them all together...

Has anyone tried this line before?  What are your thoughts?


Apr 9, 2015

Favorite Trend: Granny Hair

Grey Hair Trend

I don't quite have the guts to dye my hair grey BUT man, I am beyond obsessed with this look.  In fact, my sister, a cool hair stylist from Calgary, has officially gone granny-grey and tinted her hair lilac as well.  It looks amazing and I truly wish I had the balls to pull this look off.

But, for now, I will continually look at it from afar.  Speaking of looking, here are some of my favorite pictures of this trend right now.

What are your thoughts of this new trend?  How do you feel about going grey/silver??


Mar 27, 2015

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Bath Salts

Sigh, I miss hot baths more than I can explain.

I know I can still have baths but they have to be lukewarm, warm at best, and I do miss the scalding hot water, sweating away, while the bathroom steams up and I can barely see in front of me.

One thing that hasn't changed, despite the water temperature, is my fascination with bath salts.  I am usually the first to seek out these relaxing bath additions that come in a multitude of scents and textures.  What's even better than being able to buy them is to make your own!!

Homemade Lavender (or any scent) Bath Salts 

3/4 cup Sea Salt
1/4 cup, plus 2 TBSP, Epsom Salts
2 TBSP Baking Soda
A couple drops of your favorite essential oil (Lavender, Rose, etc)
Food coloring if you want to store it and look pretty

Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix together.  Add the essential oil and food coloring (if you'd like) and stir until evenly distributed.  Place contents in a mason jar to store in the bathroom.  Pour into your bathwater and soak to your heart's content!!

Okay, it's Friday and I am so going to go and have a bath now.  Happy Friday ladies!


Mar 26, 2015

The Best of YouTube - Fabulous Beauty Vloggers and Videos Worth Watching

I love YouTube.  I find some amazing people, tips and tricks from watching YouTube.

Here are some of my favorite videos and Vloggers!!

What do you watch on YouTube?  Who are your favorites?

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