Oct 18, 2016

Too Faced Dupes: Makeup Revolution Chocolate Palettes

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Too Faced Chocolate and Bon-Bons palettes.  Their smell alone is worth the investment but they are so popular with me because the colors are fantastic, the wear so well, last all day and the palettes are filled with the greatest colors.

However, I have found the most amazing dupes for those that just can't bite the Too Faced price tag.

Makeup Revolution, ladies!  This UK brand (also sold at Ulta) has fantastic pricing and also ships to Canada.  Plus, their chocolate palettes retail for under $13 CAD.  Seriously, you can not beat this price.

Up first is the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette compared to Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel.

You can even see from the packaging that Makeup Revolution has embraced the chocolate bar look.  However, one thing to mention is the smell - Too Faced definitely got the chocolate smell down whereas the Makeup Revolution palette, though scented, smells slightly more processed.

But, check out how close the colors are.  Though the layout of the colors on the Makeup Revolution palette (right) is not in the exact same place as the Too Faced palette, the colors are virtually identical.

Color test!  The blue shadow is one of my favorites in my Semi-Sweet palette (Blueberry Swirl) so it's fitting to use this one as a comparison (left is Too Faced) to Crunch in the Makeup Revolution palette.  The colors both seem to be almost identical.

Up next is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar (Original) compared to Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette.

I really do love the Makeup Revolution packaging.  Truly, it's a work of art in itself.

Look at these colors though.  These palettes are virtually the same.

In sticking with my favorite color in my Chocolate Bar, I chose to compare the dark burgandy shade.  The left one is the color from my Too Faced palette (Cherry Cordial) and it's compared to What A Way to Go.  I must say, I greatly prefer the color in the Makeup Revolution palette - it's brighter, more burgandy in color and even has a better shimmer.

I am blown away by how similar these palettes are.  Truly, similar in smell, texture, durability and color.  This is, by far, one of the best dupes I have ever found.

What are your thoughts ladies?


Oct 14, 2016

My First FabFitFun Unboxing: Fall 2016

Despite my girlfriends being subscribers, I've been holding off on getting FabFitFun.  My reasoning for this was because I currently subscribe to LipMonthly, Ipsy and Starlooks (since cancelled).  However, after receiving my FabFitFun box, I will be a subscriber for LIFE.

Seriously, this box is fantastic.

First off, this box is JAM PACKED with so many great things.  I am still in awe that I got all th colors I was hoping for and even the saying on the cup was what I wanted.  This box is valued at $240 USD and I paid about $60 CAD for it.  SUCH A GREAT DEAL.

My box contained a gorgeous ModCloth Loch and Key Scarf (red/green/blue plaid)at  $35, Cottenelle Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths (sponsored), ToeSox Toeless Fitness Socks at $18, Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel (sponsored), Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum at $50, FabFitFun Nature Coloring Book and Pencil Crayons at $14, Pur Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow at $50, the BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel at $20, Mullein & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil at $18, Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer at $16 and the Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug at $19.

Eeeck, I am IN LOVE with everything but have to pull out this palette to show you how gorgeous the colors are.  Check this out.

It looks very similar to a W7 palette I own but this is much better quality.  Anyway, I can't wait to try this out.  I will absolutely be posting a FOTD with this palette.

If you are like me and contemplating FabFitFun, here's a link to $10 off your first box.  Go and get one!  http://xo.fff.me/eqJI5


Sep 19, 2016

Palmer's: 2 Steps to Beautiful Skin AND Giveaway

I am approached, often, from different companies asking me to try this product or that in exchange for review. The majority of the time I actually say no.  Yes, I do turn down a lot of free products.  I turn them down because my skin can be quite tempermental and does not deal well with change.

However, whenever Palmer's approaches me, I ALWAYS say yes because their products actually work....well, for that matter.

I was sent the Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil and the Skin Therapy Facial Oil, both of which have a delightful rosehip scent.  Honestly, there is something so luxurious about smelling like a rose.  Sigh, I love this scent.

I immediately gave the Cleansing Oil to my hubby, as he is NOT brand specific and was needing a new cleanser.  He has been using this for about a week, solid, and says that his skin texture has drastically improved (he is prone to dryness and this is working wonders) and his beard (yes, he uses this on his beard too) is much softer and less frizzy.  He said a downside for him is that the skin has to be dry before applying and since he does this in the shower he seems to use more product BUT aside from that, he is LOVING it.

The Facial Oil is my favorite item.  I will say that I typically use a Laneige Brightening Serum but do tend to alternate one at night and one in the morning.  The oil is fantastic because it smells super and applies very well plus you dont have to use very much to cover your face, making a bottle last a long time.  Best part of this though?  The serum works well to fade scarring and redness, leaving behind a revitilized you.  Truly, if you are on the hunt for an inexpensive serum, this one must be tried.

Now, for the fun stuff - GIVEAWAY TIME!

Palmer's is giving away 3 facial gift packs that include both a full-sized Cleansing Oil and Facil Oil.  If you are wanting to try this amazing brand, now is your time to jump on this giveaway.

Rules:  You must be a Canadian Resident and must follow my Facebook page.  If you aren't a follower yet, please click HERE and then hit "like".  After you have done that, find this blog post on the page and comment with your CURRENT FAVORITE CLEANSER.  The first 3 people to do this will win a fantastic gift pack!

Good luck and happy Monday!


May 12, 2016

EOTD: Sugar Smoke with Too Faced's Chocolate Bon Bons

As I'm writing this post I realize two things: First, I am very lucky to have such an awesome husband and two, I need to learn to take better close-up pictures of my makeup.  Let me explain...

This past Sunday was Mother's Day, my very first one.  See, I was still pregnant with Ben this time last year so this was my first REAL Mother's Day.  I was so excited to find out my hubby had not only made me breakfast, wrote in TWO cards (one from him and one from "Ben") but he had also planned a date night for just him and I.  I was so full of love that whole day and out of nowhere, he surprised me with the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette I'd been eyeing for months.  I'm a lucky girl!

I got all ready that day, full makeup and hair done, in anticipation of our date.  I decided to use my new palette and create a look from one of the "how-to's" that accompany the palette.  My choice?  Sugar Smoke.

I'm always drawn to dark tones and love the way a smoky eye can look if done right.  The greatest things about the "Chocolate" palettes are how easy the colors apply, how great they blend AND the smell.  Seriously, I smelled like candy and chocolate the whole night.  Loved it.

And here's the result WHICH you can hardly see because I am terrible with a camera.  I will say that the end result was almost identical to the card and I loved feeling glamorous for the first time in a long time.

I highly recommend this palette if you don't already have it.


May 10, 2016

My First Ever Starlooks StarBox - April 2016

I become quite fascinated with the Starlooks brand through Ipsy.  I'd actually never heard of Starlooks before joining Ipsy and can still not believe I had.

Truly, their products are pretty great.  And, better yet, they are not overpriced.

They offer two different beauty subscription boxed to both the US and Canada and I recently signed up for the cheaper of the two options.  The options are the PerfectSize Starbox Subscription (for a total of $17 USD) or the Full-Size Starbox Subscription (for $23 USD).  These prices include shipping.  I chose the PerfectSize box as I wanted to ensure I loved all the products before I upgrade my membership.

I received my first box in 2 days after placing the order which was amazing and it came with 3 PerfectSize items and a full-sized item.  Total surprise on the full-size item, to be honest.

I received a Starlooks Lip Gloss in Mad Crush, Starlooks Gimme More Volumizing Mascara, Starlooks Lip Liner in Dragon Fruit and a Starlooks Tender Gloss Lipstick in Pooh Bear.

Also, you can see a little card poking out underneath and it's a lifetime discount on all PerfectSize Cosmetics - This little care warrants me $4 off EVERY PerfectSize item I order from their site.  Not too shabby, if you ask me.

And, here are the swatches of the products. from left to right we have the lip gloss, liner and the lipstick.  I am beyond obsessed with the lipstick as I adore this color for summer.  Can't wait to have a tan and sport it.

What do you think of the goodies?  Worth the price?

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