Jan 12, 2012

Blog Award: The Nail Polish Tag

Yay yay yay...it's been so long since I received a blog award and I am especially loving this one BECAUSE I've never seen it before.  So, congrats me.....HA

Thanks again to the lovely Mandy from MandysSecrets for nominating me.  Mandy has become one of my closest blogger friends because we both love cosmetics AND both danced for years and years.  She is an extremely talented blogger and if you haven't done so already CHECK OUT HER BLOG.

Okay, so for the Nail Polish Tag I am to answer a few questions so happy reading!!

1. How many polishes do you own?
Okay, so I don't have as many polishes as I do lipsticks BUT the count is just under 50 bottles.

2. What is your favorite nail polish brand?
This is a tough one because there are two.  For an inexpensive drug store brand I choose Revlon.  Their polishes last quite a long time on the nail and you don't need to touch up as often.  However, for an expensive option my pick is Chanel without a doubt.  Sigh, their polishes are gorgeous, long lasting and dry almost perfectly.

3. Do you like or hate crackle nail polish?
Love love love it.  At first, I wasn't too sure how I felt about it but then I got a manicure with silver polish and black crackle on top and it looked delightful.  I am definitely a convert that's for sure.

4. What was your first nail polish brand?
Ha, okay honestly I have NO idea.  However, I do remember the color (red) because my mom painted my nails when I was three for a ballet recital.  The brand though, I don't have a clue.

5. If you created a nail polish line, what would you name it?
Oooooo this is a tough one.  Okay, how about RED.  Red is my favorite color and I like names that are short and sweet.  However, it might be confusing if there was an actual red polish in the collection than it would be called RED Red.  I think I need to rethink this.....

6. What nail polish color does not compliment you?
I dislike green polishes immensely.  I never wear green (clothing, makeup, otherwise) so even seeing myself with green nails is very strange.

7. Name two of your best nail art friends.
Hands down I look for advice on nails from both Mandy at MandysSecrets and Steph from Imperfect Paint.  These ladies know everything there is to know about nails and honestly, if I ever need advice (which is often) or have a nail mishap (all the time), I seek their knowledge!!

8. What was the best nail polish gift you've ever received?
Allan (the BF) surprised me with a limited collection from Chanel (the black and golds) a year ago and it definitely stole the show.  Not only was I loving these colors BUT he also bought me the eye shadows to match.  I was a very happy girl.

9. Make a speech thanking the blogger that gave you this award.
As I mentioned before, Mandy is a gem.  If you haven't done so already, check out her blog and facebook page because she's super fun and has tons of great things to say.

For this award, I nominate the following fabulous ladies/blogs:

Congrats ladies!  You all deserve this award for sure


  1. Congrats on the award!! Well deserved! xo

  2. Dawww, you are so sweet! And I love you right back! I'm sad we're like 9 billion miles apart.. otherwise we could totally have polish parties and I could do awesome nail art on you! I think you would faint if you ever saw my polish collection lol!

    1. Ha, I completely wish that we lived closer together too!!! I would probably pay you to do my nails all the time..

  3. Hooray, thanks for nominating me! Yay awards!

    I don't like wearing green either, not at all. And yellow nails? Blech!

    And this is random but I love your comments app and how you can reply to specific comments! What are you using?

    1. You're welcome lady and you totally deserve it!!

      I will send you an email about the replying to comments thing



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