Jan 18, 2012

Davids Tea = Tuesday Tea Time

Aren't you loving my vintage cups and saucers?
Davids Tea = AMAZING.

I discovered this shop (which is directly across the street from me) last weekend and have been having tea fantasies ever since.  Allan took me in on Saturday and I purchased a couple teas to try as well as a tea pincher (see picture here).  We went home promptly and had a tea party, trying out the teas right away.  As soon as I sipped, I was in heaven.  Never have I ever tasted a tea so flavorful and pungent before!!

So the next day, I went to the tea shop again with my pal, Bronwen, and bought a kettle, a steeper and 8 different teas.  We, also, came home and had a tea party.  And THEN, last night Bronwen and I went out for dinner, she surprised me with three more teas and we had another tea party.  Check out our pics from Tuesday tea time!

My kitchen nook is, of course, filled with all the goodies one needs for the perfect tea party: two types of loose tea, agave nectar, milk, a clear steeper and my vintage teapot.  Can't forgot the cute lime green vintage tea cups and saucers...

Up close and personal....everyone, please meet my milk container, hot toboggan (tea), alpine punch (tea) as well as the agave nectar.  (If you aren't too familiar with this it's an all-natural sweetener.)

First tea up was hot toboggan.  It's a blend of green tea, apple, cinnamon and almonds.  It actually tastes like an apple cider but isn't as sweet OR high in sugar.  You can see that the loose tea's been added to the steeper and will float around until the tea has steeped long enough.  To access your tea, you then lift the steeper and place the bottom on a cup and press down.  The tea will automatically be released from the bottom of the steeper without any loose tea floating in your cup.  Brilliant!

All that's left once the tea has been removed is the loose tea.  Sometimes, depending on the tea type, you can even eat what's left over in the bottom....

Yay for piping hot tea on a very cold Vancouver evening.  If you haven't tried Davids Tea before OR have never been introduced to loose teas, GO GO GO NOW.  Not only are they full of flavor, but they are good for you too!  It's a great way to get your water per day and it's not filled with as much caffeine as coffee is.

Check it out ladies!


  1. My sisters introduced me to David's Tea. First I received 'the glow' and it was so delicious.. a tea for gorgeous skin… I'm all out and definitely need to repurchase that one.

    For Christmas I got 'elf help'… lol… I drank it with a bit of brandy… very Christmasy… makes you all toasty and warm inside.

    Haven't been to David's Tea myself yet… I'm afraid I'd be possessed to acquire one of each :)

  2. I adore Davids Tea now!! I'm completely smittened with the Hot Toboggan we tried last night!! YUM-MY!!!! Can't wait for more tea parties! xo

  3. I entered the store for the first time at Christmas to buy a gift, and knew I had to get out immediately with only my planned for purchase in hand!!! But I do want to get back and try some of what you are talking about [or invite me to the next tea party!!!]



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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