Mar 9, 2011

Mark's Amazing Customizable Palettes

Well, my friends, I've done it.

I've found the greatest customizable palette ever!

mark, a trendy, subsidiary company of Avon, recently launched a line of eye shadows, blushes and trio shadows with magnetic bottoms. (To be specific, there are 31 eye shadows, 11 blushes and 4 color trios to create your perfect look.) These new products fit perfectly in mark's Snap To It Custom Color Palettes, which are not only nice and slim BUT come packed with a mirror and matching brushes. These exceptional palettes come in three sizes:

mark Mini Custom Palette - fits either 2 shadows or 1 blush
mark Mezzo Custom Palette - fits 4 shadows, 2 blushes or a shadow/blush combo
mark Mega Custom Palette - fits 8 shadows, 4 blushes or a shadow/blush combo

Because I'm utterly obsessed with palettes AND couldn't decide between colors, I ordered two palettes: the Mini and the Mega.

My Mini is filled with two shadows, Corset and Night Owl.

Night Owl (left) is a gorgeous deep shimmery blue and Corset (right) is a charcoal with silver slivers.

My Mega palette, though, is filled with some of my faves: Gioia, Java, Minx, Plum Velvet, Star Glo and Hush Baby.

From top left to top right: Java (a shimmery chocolate brown), Minx (a sparkly beige), Plum Velvet (a shimmery dark purple) and Gioia (a very sparkly bronze.) From bottom left to right: Star Glo (a beautiful baby pink blush) and Hush Baby (a multi-faceted shimmery blush/bronzer)

I am completely blown away with this line and have been singing it's praises for the past few weeks. Not only are the colors extremely pigmented, long lasting AND abnormally large in size but the line is really inexpensive. The Mini palette is a whopping $6 while the Mega palette is only $10. The shadows are $6 a piece while the blushes go for $9. Seriously, it's a fantastic deal.

Have any of you ladies tried out this line, or these products specifically, before? What's your favorite customizable palette?


  1. These look amazing! I have always been curious about the Mark products. I will have to give them a try.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kenzie! I was pretty blown away by the quality of these products. Plus, it's nice to spend a whole heap of money!

  3. It's great that there are products out there that can be good quality and don't cost a ton of money. The whole Mark product line is great. I've loved everything I've tried. Great photos too! :)

  4. The photos are good. Some awesome4 chick I know took them for me SINCE I am terrible with a camera...xo

  5. That is one beautiful palette!

  6. Wow, I really like the Mega Palette!! Especially the blushes!
    And its only $10?? great buy!
    I haven't tried 'Mark' nor 'Avon' before but might look into it :D

  7. wow, their colors look really nice.never heared for it before :O


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