Mar 11, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Facial Mask

I don't know about you but when Friday's roll around, all I wanna do is stay at home, eat licorice and pamper myself. (Martinis are usually involved in this so-called pampering.)

I've decided Friday's should be my DIY Beauty Day. I'll share with you some easy, homemade beauty recipes, throw some fabulous drink recipes in the mix and BAM, you'll have a great inexpensive pamper-filled evening.

Today is definitely a mask day. (Well, at least it is for me.) For some reason, this week went by very slow. I don't know if it was because I started working out this week (YAY for swimming) or that I was working harder than usual, but I danced a little Friday dance this morning as I was getting ready. Friday's, for me, mean a relaxing evening at home making dinner for my man, having a long hot bath and giving myself a mini facial.

One of the easiest homemade masks uses only two products: yogurt and honey.

1 tbsp. natural yogurt (room temperature is best) - Greek plain full fat yogurt is the best
1 tsp. runny honey (put it in the microwave for a bit to get it soft)

Combine mixture and apply to face. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes and, once done, remove with a steaming washcloth. (if you have oily skin, try adding a couple drops of lime juice and if your skin is dry, add extra honey.) Your skin is going to GLOW after this mask!!!

Alright, so what would be the best drink pairing with this??? Hmmmm, let's see. Well, I'll start with my favorite: Cosmopolitan

2 oz. Vodka. (Flavored is always nice, like Mandarin)
1/2 oz. Cointreau
1/2 oz. Lime juice (fresh is always best)
1/2 oz. Cranberry juice
Lime wedges for garnish

Pop in a shaker with ice and, once shaken, pour into a martini glass. ENJOY

Have an amazing weekend, friends, and I'll be posting my first giveaway on Monday!!!!


  1. I love this yogurt and honey mask, it's very moisturizing x

  2. Glad to hear that you like Gaby....It's such an easy one to create and works really well!

  3. Yahoo!!! What an awesome way to spend Friday evening! I'm definitely going to try these both out! YAY for DIY Beauty! thanks Christina! xo

  4. Thanks so much Bronwen! Thought it was time to add some inexpensive beauty options!

  5. A blog about makeup - my favorite!!! Thanks for the recipes. I am going to have to try BOTH!

  6. I love the idea of DIY beauty days! And I love yogurt masks too! They are so cooling and soothing on the skin.. Thanks for sharing that Christina!

    Dior lipglosses are my fave lipglosses so far! It has to do alot with the creamy texture and packaging. hehe

    But they dont beat my love for Dior eyeshadows.. Dior eyeshadows are top on my list. :D

    I haven't tried any Dior lipsticks yet though (now you're turn to laugh real hard haha) Are they any good? Recommendations on nude shades?


  7. @PopBlush....I am so going to trying some Dior glosses....I'll let you know as soon as I get some. Also, their lipsticks are to DIE for. My fave color is Dior Addict Lipstick in Tokyo #422 AND Dior Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Beige Indecise #298 (you'll like this one I swear...)

    Maybe I should do a post about them....


  8. Yes~ Pleassee do a post about them :D

    I just googled those lippie shades and #298 seems like a lovely nude shade? I can't seem to find #422 on their website..
    Then I as checking out other ones and I'm liking Rouge Dior in #638 Blazing Red and in #678 Devilish Pink! I'm trying to get into corals and bright pinks now!

    Let me know if you end up getting a Dior gloss and let me know what you think :D


  9. @PopBlush, you HAVE to start wearing corals and bright pinks. Not only are both colors very popular right now BUT they are wayyyyyy too pretty not to!

    I will totally tell you what my thoughts are about the Dior Gloss...I'm picking one up tomorrow!


  10. I love masks home made are the best!!!
    Thanks for your blog comment BTW.

  11. Thanks for the tip about the mask! I do something similar now (well for the past 3 weeks), but for some reason on Wednesday and involves wine! Equally as exciting though!

  12. this is an awesome post! :) I love facials and not having to pay a ridiculous amount for one is definitely awesome in my book.

  13. @Stefany Thanks lady. Agreed, there is something so nice about knowing you can give yourself the same thing without it costing an arm and a leg

  14. Check out Crunchy Betty at She's my go to gal for DIY beauty. She's way more devoted than me, but she has a lot of good tips!

  15. @AKB...thanks lady. I'll check her out for sure

  16. Thank you for the post. I have never tried doing masks before but I am curious on it especially something that isn't toxic and more natural. This sounds like a really good idea since I already buy this brand of yogurt for breakfast.
    Why honey though? Wouldn't it be sticky?


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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