Mar 18, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Hair Mask

I've taken up swimming.

I'm not too sure if I told you this before but I have started to go swimming with a friend of mine. We're lucky because we don't have to pay for it, since she has a pool in her condo building, and it's nice to have the company when working out. Now, I use the term "working out" very loosely because after about ten minutes of swimming laps, I want to heave and die. So I typically start bouncing around like a monkey trying to do aquafit but never really knowing how to do any real moves. Either way, four times a week I am exercising and really feeling better. However...

My hair has literally turned to straw from all this chlorine. So, if you're like me and refuse to wear a swimming cap, here is a really easy hair treatment.

1 small jar of mayo
1/2 an avocado

Peel and pit the avocado. Mix both items together until the mixture becomes consistently green. Add the entire mixture to your hair, working the product really well into your ends. You want to leave this on for 20 minutes BUT make sure to seal your hair in something. (Like a shower cap or plastic bag.) This mask works better if it's warm so using a hot towel would work too. After 20 minutes rinse out and, badda-boom badda-bing, your hair will feel like a million bucks.

Another things to remember...If you are a pool fiend like I am, make sure to put a good amount of conditioner in your hair before going in the pool. (Don't rinse it out, just leave it in.) The conditioner will act as a barrier between the pool and your strands. Remember to wash the conditioner out once finished swimming.

Have you tried any really great hair treatments? Have you tried this one before?


  1. Wow, it's a great mask! Thank you!

  2. thanks lady! I am quite a fan of this one for sure

  3. I used to be an avid swimmer, i did a lot of deep water aquafit classes too! I used to love them but when you're jobless affording it isn't so much fun haha. You're so lucky your friend has a pool, i would kill for that.

    This sounds like a great hair mask though. I also refused to wear a cap, so anything to help treat hair from that awful chlorine is super helpful!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tip so much! I'll try this one out, I hate swimming caps!

    Lovely blog, come see mine! :)

  5. Great tip about the conditioner in the hair before swimming! My hair gets really dry due to the chlorine.

    I am so unfit, that I huff and puff after ONE LAP!! lol.

  6. Thanks for this! Once I start swimming, I'm sure this will come in handy!

  7. Looking forward to trying this mask out next!
    Kudos on you workout plan! I have to try the leave-in conditioner tip next time as well!!
    Don't forget to moisturize, all that chlorine will reek havoc on your skin too, it does to me!

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  9. can u use the conditioner treatment for the beach as well.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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