Mar 15, 2011

Beautiful Lips by Make Up For Ever

As usual, Saturday came with a Sephora shopping trip.

Now, I've really been trying to cut back on my spending and, to be honest, I've been doing a really great job. My shopping trips are fewer and far between and I'm trying to only purchase things I need but, Sephora overpowered me. (Plus, let's be honest, I really have no will power.)

I was perusing through the store with a friend
and was casually talking to a sales associate who was wearing the most gorgeous color of lipstick. I asked her about it and she pointed me in the direction of the MAKE UP FOR EVER display.

I'll be honest, this product line is uncharted territory for me. I mean, I know a lot about it BUT have never actually used any products in this line before. So, here I was scoping everything out and found three beautiful lip colors: Rouge Artist Intense #32, RougeIntense Artist #31 and Lab Shine Star Collection Pearly Lip Glass in #S22. Oh, and I bought all three of course!#32 is a stunning, cool soft pink. (Cool by means of undertone and I can actually pull it off!)

#31 is, again, a softer mauve color with a cool undertone. (This is the color the associate was wearing!)

#S22 is another beautiful pale shimmery pink. I couldn't find a swatch but the model in the MUFE ad is wearing this gloss on top of #32.

From left to right: #32, #31 and #S22. Beautiful, hey?

What do you ladies think? Have you ever tried this product line before? If so, what's your favorite color?


  1. Ooh I love the shade no32. Such a pretty coral pink colour!
    Have never used MUFE make up so will have to see if I can get their stuff over here xx

  2. Very pretty! I've never heard of them, but then that shouldn't surprise you ;)

  3. I need to cut down on my purchases. :3 Online shopping can be so

    Gorgeous colors! I've heard of the brand, but have never actually tried any of their products.

  4. These look so pretty I'm surprised I haven't heard of them before :)
    Definately going to check them out!! x

  5. Thanks ladies! I am actually really impressed with this brand. the lipstick is nice and moisturizing and had great staying power!

  6. I haven't tried these before but I'm really liking #32!

  7. Sephora always overpowers me too, so don't feel too bad about it! I've used a few of their products before and I like them all. I think I bought a lipstick from them and it was really nice! Their eyeshadows are nice too...they rival MAC's, which is nice because I sometimes get itchy from wearing MAC eyeshadow.

  8. I haven't tried MUFE's lip products, but, I saw that promo pic a few days back and fell in love! Think I'm gonna have to try it out! Now, I must give their lip stuff a look next time I'm at the ol' Sephora. :D

  9. @Rachel,,,you totally have to. I am actually blown away by how much I am loving their lipstick!

  10. Thanks Sweetie xo
    Yeah, I love everything pink~! haha. :D


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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