Mar 22, 2011

Lovely Luminescent Glow from Benefit

According to my makeup artist pal Ariella, she gets more compliments on her complexion while wearing Benefit's High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer than any other product on the market.

So, I did what any girl in her right mind would do. I bought it.

On the weekend I purchased the product from my lovely neighborhood Sephora and rushed home to try it. Now, get this...according to the box, this particular item is the makeup artist's secret to a healthy glow. (How fitting hey? It's almost like Ariella had a hand in the product's description...ha).

The box also explains to use this over makeup on your cheeks and brow bones to give off a pixie-like shimmer. (My words, not the box). I opened the box and the product is housed in a bottle that looks very similar to a nail polish container. In fact, you even apply it with a little brush. The complexion enhancer is pale pink in color and very easy to apply. Plus, it spreads very well over makeup, leaves the skin with a very soft texture AND actually makes you glow. (In a healthy yet subtle way.) Another nice thing is that you definitely don't need much so this bottle will last quite a long time.

Did I get anyone complimenting me on my complexion you ask? Ha, actually, yes I did! Can you imagine? I wore it to go grocery shopping that Sunday morning and a woman stopped me in the aisle and told me I had perfect skin. (This, my friends, was a lie as I had a huge pimple on my chin but the compliment made me feel like a million bucks).

I am really liking this product and if you're looking for a nice, subtle illuminator, I highly recommend it. Have any of you ladies tried it before? What do you think?



  1. I love High Beam - I have been using it for years and it is incredible! You should try their Moon beam too!

  2. Sounds like a great product! Wonderful review!

  3. Great review!!!! I've seen this product and was curious on how it actually applies and works. And what a lovely comment to get while grocery shopping. :] Thanks for this!

  4. @Rachel. Ooo, yes I totally have to try it. Thanks for the heads up

    @bronwen...thanks lady xo

    @tiffyama. Thanks for the comment. You should definitely give it a go

  5. I am definatley getting it now!!! Great post! I want glowy skin!

  6. I got a sample and loved this, I have been debating on getting this or not. Its very high on my wishlist :)

  7. Oh ladies, you must get it for sure! It really is a nice product...xo

  8. I love Highbeam~ and I like Moonbeam too. Actually, I like highlighters in general :) FOTD with Highbeam soon? hehe

    Thanks for your comment sweetie xo

  9. I've tried this before and it's very similar to Nars Illuminators in Copacabana. It's a bit silvery on my skin tone but is lovely on pale/light ladies.

  10. @PopBlush. Thanks for the comment! I haven't tried Moonbeam before so I'm thinking that I might have to go out and get it...FOTD for sure!!!

    @Kristie. I completely agree with you. I love this b/c I'm super fair. Thanks for the comment!

  11. I dont have quite the love for high beam as you but i must say i love your about me on your profile! thanks for stopping by my blog!


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