Mar 14, 2011

I love...

Ballet. I love all dance immensely, but ballet holds a special place in my heart. I danced from the time I was three until very recently (soooo a very long time) and it will always always always be one of the most important things in my life.

My new Lancome Absolue Voyage Complete Make-Up Palette. For those that know me, I'm a palette hoarder and for those that don't, you do now! I love that everything (mascara, shadows, glosses and liners) all fit in one easily accessible compact. They're so handy!

Allan. He's witty, smart, kind and lovely. I'm a very lucky girl.

Smutty books. I don't know about you BUT fiction books are my vice. I like being able to have a fantasy life without ever getting off the couch. Some of my faves right now are: the Belle Du Jour series (Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, etc), Bridget Jones' Diary, Russel Brand's Autobiography, Lauren Conrad's series, Nicole Richie's get my drift

Candy. To narrow it down a bit more, I love nerds, licorice, and sour keys. If my teeth wouldn't rot (ha) I would eat candy all the time. However, according to Canada's Food Guide, that isn't healthy eating. Who knew....

Handbags and shoes. I'm currently having a mini-love affair with these ELLE Enchant Platform Peep-Toe Heels AND Lockheart Handbags. My all-time favorite Lockheart Handbag was the Tammy Tote but I just found out the last one sold from Bag, Borrow and Steal. Sigh....

Well, I think that sums up the things I love, for now anyway. Hope you got to know me a little bit more.....xo


  1. All sour candy has a special place in my heart!

  2. Your blog is super cute. I love candy as well, to bad it is just about bikini season so I can't have any of that right now! boo!


  3. Thank you for your congratulations on my run. I am sure people are getting annoyed but I am SO proud. Today at the gym I was actually grinning from ear to ear when I realized I was running without feeling like I had to stop and puke.

    I am sure people think I am a creep. HAH!

  4. I love sour keys too! Here we also have sour hearts, sour ears and sour clouds lol.
    I've had 2 lancome travel palettes that i got at airports and loved them.

    Yeah, I'm a fab of shiseido skin care but the anti-aging one just didnt work for me :(

    Thanks for sharing your likes! Xo

  5. That Lancome palette is to die for! I love it! And I also love a spicy read as well. Valley of the Dolls is at the top of my list. And recently I've been wanting to read Jackie Collins. I think I'll pick up Belle du Jour for my next trip to the beach. :)

  6. those shoes are to die for!! love it :)

  7. @AKB..I know! This palette is amazing. Yes, and you must read the Belle Du Jour books. You'll love them

    @supersophie... Aren't they?


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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