Mar 17, 2011

Singing Quo Beauty Praise

I dislike Shoppers Drug Mart.

I know, I can't believe that I don't like a drug store either but I find Shoppers to be overpriced and slightly uppity for no apparent reason. I actually stopped shopping there for a while to make a bold statement (ha), but it was cut short because Shoppers was the only drug store near my house.

Needless to say, I slowly joined their ranks again and even began looking at their cosmetics once again. And, I was actually blown away. Not only had they added a few new product lines (Benefit, Smashbox, etc) BUT they had an exclusive brand: Quo Beauty.

Quo Beauty has, of course, been around for a while but I just recently started purchasing it. Here are some of my faves....

Quo Flipstick in Obsession. It's a beautiful pink rosy tone that's very sheer and shimmery. Best part of this lipstick is it's packaging. You twist the bottom of the tube and the lip color actually appears out of the top from behind a silver flap which is brilliant if you are constantly losing lipstick lids. (like me.)

Quo Mineral Matter Blush in Pink Petal. Again, a stunning sheer shimmery pink that is perfect on every skin tone. Plus, the packing is veryyyyy cool. The blush is housed in a polished case and, to gain access to it, you press the side of the container and the blush chutes out. It's very fun.

Quo Spring Goddess Palettes. Each palette comes with four eye shadows, one blush, one lipgloss and a blush brush and they're contained in a cute multicolor box. (With a tassel....ha) There are four different shade selections:
Athena: Violet, teal gold and smoky grey
Aphrodite: Warm bronze and brown tones
Maia: Cool blues and purples
Thea: Grey tones with pink highlights (my favorite!!)

All in all, I'm impressed! Yes, it's a bit more expensive for a drug store brand (palettes: $29, flipstick: $19, blush: $15) but it's worth it. The products are nicely pigmented and very smooth in texture. I highly recommend them...

What do you think? Have you tried this line before?


  1. I've never tried the Quo line. Maybe it's time ;)


  2. WHat a lovely blog! :) I don't know Quo - English drug stores are definitely not as cool or as well-equipped in the beauty department as those in the States! (sob!), but it's great to hear about these lines for my next visit! Looking forward to reading more xx

  3. Huh. I've never heard of this brand at all! Where've I been? I'm making a mental note to try some out if I ever come across it somewhere. I don't tend to go to any drug store that often because everything is so overpriced! Perhaps I'm missing out. ;)

  4. Hey man, thanks for the love today! Now I want to smooch your face, so there enjoy, lol

  5. Quo is one of my favourite lines! I love their products so much.
    You should try their gloss sticks, love them.

  6. have to try the line. You'll love it, I swear.

    @City girl...thanks! By the way, just checked out your blog and LOVE IT. It's so different here in canada vs. the UK. You guys have fabulous brands, like we do, but we don't carry the same things. It would be nice if more companies did international shipping...

    @Ashley...drug stores are definitely more pricey. However, there are some great finds occasionally.

    @Loodie...that jerk face was a are too awesome for that treatment AND thanks for brightening my day!

    @Kenzie...YAY. If I had known how great this line was I might not have stopped shopping there....ha. I'll definitely look into the gloss sticks...thanks

  7. just came across your blog today, i love it!

    please check mine out too :)


  8. I LOVE QUO!

    I think it's awesome! I've used their mineral powder, primer, lipsticks, gloss, ....many things! And I think it's brilliant!

    Definately recommended.

    ps- Love your quo spring goddess palette. did you know that "thea" means "view" in Greek?

    Anyways, lovely blog :) I love canadian blogs!!

  9. glad to hear! It's an amazing product line. Did you order it online? I had no idea that's what "thea" meant. Very neat.

    Thanks everyone for the comments!!


  10. Hi Christina!

    I actually bought it from Canada when I was visiting. I used to live in Alberta! Now I live in Greece.

    Since makeup is much more expensive here, I always stock up when I visit. he he.

    I wonder if I could order it online though?? Hmmm!!! That will be cool if I could get it shipped here. Must do a search!

  11. lucky girl living in Greece. Wow, I'm jealous. Ha. I don't think you can buy it online but Quo should really think about making that an option!



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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