Sep 6, 2010

Re-growth: The Beginning

So, Saturday night began my month-long relationship with Rapid Lash, the "eyelash enhancing serum."

I purchased the product at Shoppers Drug Mart after weeks of meticulously googling re-growth options. I chose this one because it's available in Canada (hahahaha, seriously) and it was ONLY $50. (Yes, I know, it's a lot of money but if this really does work it's so worth it.)

According to Shoppers, I have 30 days to try this product and if for any reason I have an allergic reaction or, god forbid, my eyelashes fall out, they will gladly give me my money back. (If either of these things actually happen, I'm suing....I swear....)

Use: The product can only be applied once a day, at night, and you can not have any make-up on whatsoever. Once your face is clean, you apply a thin layer to the upper lash line using the very fine brush and that's it. So far, I've used it twice and nothing has happened.....patience is not my strong suit.

I will be continuing this every night and let you know of anything crazy. Also, I am going to be posting my before picture as well as an after.....anyway, here goes nothing!


  1. I'm very interested in hearing how this goes. I keep having to remind myself that false eyelashes are for special occasions.

  2. Hahaha...I can definitely understand that. I quite like false eyelashes EXCEPT that you have to put them on, with glue, and then pull them off; all the while hoping that your real eyelashes don't come off in the process. I am really hoping that this product works so I will for sure keep you posted.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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