Sep 15, 2010

Superstore: I Heart You and Your Duo Concealer

Allan hates Superstore. Whenever I suggest going, he'll find an excuse for us to go somewhere smaller. I get that he dislikes the crowds, the lines, the poor food selection, and the yellow coloring......

But what he doesn't get is that Superstore has the JOE Fresh Line.
I adore Superstore for this line alone. Seriously, I have bought some pretty amazing clothes from there plus all my gloves for winter, cute flats, skinny belts and, my newest JOE obsession, beauty products.

I went to a Superstore last night that I'd never been to before. It was extremely large and the staff was confused, but, all in all, they had a great selection of cosmetics, which is where I beelined immediately. I was perusing through their sale bins when I noticed a HUGE white stand that said "JOE Fresh Beauty".

I was dumbfounded. Yes, I'd noticed the stand on one of my "we-need-to-get-groceries-let's-make-it-snappy" outings with Allan but I had never actually NOTICED it. I stopped in front of it, set my basket down, took my sunglasses off and stared at the pretty cosmetics for about 3 minutes.

I would like to say right now that they have quite a good selection of colors. For us pasteys, the cream foundation and bronzer colors might be a bit too dark, but the pressed powder and concealers were quite good. In fact, I purchased the JOE Fresh Beauty Duo Concealer to test it out. Oh, and it was only $8. (I'll say this right now, as much as I love Youngblood Cosmetics, I despise paying $22 for a concealer. I am definitely trying to source a cheaper option.)

After my $8 purchase, I rushed right home to wash my makeup off and try the new product. Just so everyone knows, it's a duo concealer. One end is a liquid with a sponge applicator and the other is a cream solid that can twist up. (I prefer cream concealers so that's the side I used.) I used the cream end, applying it with a concealer brush, and the color was actually almost a perfect match. I also found that I didn't have to use as much as I did with the Youngblood and my skin wasn't feeling as oily. All in all, for an $8 concealer from Superstore I was impressed immensly. Time will tell whether I break out or not, but for the most part, I highly recommend trying the line ladies!

NOTE: I am in no way comparing JOE Fresh Beauty with Youngblood because YB is a mineral makeup line, where as JOE Fresh isn't. I will say that the feel of the JOE Fresh product on my face is less oily, less shiny and well worth the $8.


  1. Oh you're gonna LOVE this....

  2. This is AWESOME.....I am super stoked for this now. Thanks so much for sending the article....xo


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