Sep 14, 2010

The Forgotten Place

It's something that only females have....oh, and it makes us the better sex...Ha

I know I'm going WAY overboard with the title because, let's be honest, it's probably the most thought about place on our bodies BUT it's the area that no one seems to talk about....

I'm breaking this weird uncomfortable silence by saying two words:

Yes, this is a product line and no, I'm not just avoiding the "V" word. Seriously, this brand has, quite literally, prevented some awkward encounters for me.

This company, which is fairly new, provides an intimate grooming collection solely designed for your nether regions. Their products include gentle washes, balancing mists and, my personal favorites, on-the-go wipes. Their collection not only provide the best ingredients designed to keep our pH balance at par, but they actually created something that really does work. Imagine, having a little towelette in your bag, whenever you need, that you can pull out, use and feel fresh all day long. (Honestly, I keep a stack in my purse at all times.) Plus, they smell so amazing you'll wonder how you ever relied on plain old soap to do the job...!

Scents are as follows:

Citrus Gelbanum
Geranium Lavender (my personal pick)
Basil Grapefruit

Oh, and the best part is, they are very INEXPENSIVE.
A pack of the on-the-go towelettes is
only $5 for 7 and the gentle wash is only $12. Check out their website and place an order. I am seriously singing their praises all the time....


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