Sep 20, 2010

Even More Cheap Beauty Tricks and Tips

Back by popular demand.....(Ha, just kidding.)

I was perusing through some fashion magazines the other day and discovered some great tips that I thought I should share. A lot of what the article was based on I had already posted ( me) but there were a couple great smidgets that even I never knew. So, thanks so much InStyle Magazine.

Remember, you don't have to spend a heap of money to look good. Some of these tips will give you some cheaper solutions to expensive products and others will show you how to use things in your fridge. (Sticking on the cheaper note though, I will be doing a series of posts about cheap cosmetic lines that still look good so stay tuned.....)

1. Sponge on SPF - This is a great tip since SPF can feel rather gooey on the face. If applied with a sponge, it will be absorbed by the skin quicker and easier.
2. Hydrocortisone as Zit Cream - First, hot compress the spot several times then a apply a glob of 1% hydrocortisone cream (Aveeno makes a good one for about $6) and let sit for two hours. The swelling will have gone drastically.
3. Bathing while Sunburned - Showering and bathing hurt when sunburned but add about 2 litres of milk to warm water and about 15 drops of lavender oil. This mixture will calm the skin. Another good one is watermelon. Puree the fruit and slather on the skin. This will actually take away the burning feeling.
4. Sensitive Skin Facial Mask - Apply one tablespoon of full fat sour cream to skin and let sit for about 20 minutes. (Do this twice a week). They say the lactic acid helps to smooth skin and improve texture.
5. Avocado Mask - If you have dry skin, massage mashed avocado on to your face and let sit for about 15 minutes.
6. Great Tip for Eczema - A diluted bleach bath (1/2 cup of bleach to a full tub of water) kills the bacteria that cause inflammation.
7. Frozen Apple Juice - Freeze apple juice into an ice cube tray and, once frozen, rub over face. The acid in the juice acts as an
anti-aging product. It feels like a mini-facelift and a facial.
8. Foot Odor - If you suffer from stinky feet, soak feet in a bowl of very very very dark black tea. The tea changes the pH balance of your skin and fight odor.
9. Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff - Spray Apple Cider Vinegar onto your scalp prior to showering and after about five minutes, rinse out and shampoo like normal. (Wet or dry hair.)
10. Lip Gloss as Blush - Swirl a cherry lip gloss on to the apple of your cheeks for a more natural glow.
11. Conceal Dark Circles - Tap a taupe eye shadow under your eyes to cover dark circles. Great tip if you're running low on concealer.

Try some of these tips out and let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Good tips!! The bleach one scares me a bit... ;)

  2. Hahahaha, I sort of agree but it does supposedly kill the bacteria.

    *NOTE: I just wanted to say that I got a few of these out of InStyle Magazine. So I haven't tried to the bleach bath or the cortisone. I will say that I am definitely hearing mixed reviews.....


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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