Sep 10, 2010

There's No Brand Like NARS....

I'm in love.

I'm in love with a brand new (to me) product line so much that I'm contemplating marriage to an innanimate object.....Sorry Allan.

I have no idea why it's takin' me eons to even glance at this line but I'm glad I moved away from my comfort zone. A little while ago I purchased four products and loved the flat black packaging so much that I left them, unopened, on my vanity table. I took them out of the little boxes sometimes, stared at the pretty colors, and, once done, put them back into the boxes for safe keeping.

About a week ago, the time came for me to try out the purple eye shadow (NARS Single Eye Shadow in Strada) as I was wearing a new outfit and wanted my eyes to pop. I opened the box and tried the eye shadow on. Not only is the color absolutely bright and amazing, but it actually stays on the eye. Sometimes, with eye shadow, if you don't wear a lid primer, the shadow sticks to your eye creases and starts to appear worn but this shadow doesn't so that. It looks like you just applied it evern if you've had it on for hours.

After applying the shadow, I thought to myself, "why not open the blush too???" So, I did. Actually, I have been wanting to try this blush since I saw it in a fashion magazine a few months ago. Anyway, opened it up and the blush is a nice rosy peachy pink color with huge pieces of glitter in it. (NARS Blush Super Orgasm.) The glitter adds that subtle shimmering goodness that every blush and bronzer should have. Either way, the color is perfect on your cheeks alone if worn with dark eyes or even on top of bronzer for that sun-kissed hue.

I know I said four products but I'll get to the other two later. (They obviously weren't worn with this outfit....) Check this product line out won't be angry you did.

UPDATE: Still plugging along with the eyelash serum. I am applying it every night, as recommended, but still not seeing anything. Of course, I am anxiously waiting for a change which could be why nothing's happening. Either way, here's my funny looking before picture....



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your NARS products! They are super pretty!!

  2. I LOVE NARS. I think it's my absolute favourite for eyeshadow and blush.

  3. I am definitely diggin' the line for sure. I do, though, like spending less money so I will always be on the hunt for cheaper options but to be honest, they are actually worth the money!!!

  4. come on....there is no way that is you in the 'before' picture!

  5. Hahahaha, oh Eva, that's me for sure. Can't you tell by how pastey pale I am???


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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