Sep 24, 2010

MAN POST: Hair and What Women Wish You'd Have

As you can see, today is a blog post for my Man Followers.

I've neglected them slightly with all my writings of lipstick, primers and bronzers, so after being yelled at by a good guy friend, Amar, I thought it best to write this then face his wrath again.

Women aren't the only ones that are obsessed with their hair. Yes, men may be concerned about different things then we are (like hair loss) but, all in all, men want to look good and fashionable, just like women. Their issue is how much time it takes to look good. There is absolutely no guy I know that loves spending time in front of a mirror perfecting each and every strand. (Actually, I don't think any women does that either.) Having said this gentlemen, here's how to create a good hair care routine without spending years in front of the mirror.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner. Yes, I said shampoo AND conditioner. Of course, you can use a 2 in 1 but they either contain more shampoo then conditioner or vice versa. For the au-naturel man, try and pick a brand that isn't chalked full of sulfates (such as Organix, Avalon Organics and if, you're prone to dandruff, JASON Tea Trea Oil Shampoo.) Yes, the prices may be a bit higher but you are doing WONDERS for your hair in the long run. Remember, once the conditioner is on your head, let it sit for about three minutes.

2. Grooming and Style Tools. Depending on hair length and texture, you may have to use a comb, (wide-tooth if you have curly hair) brush and/or a blowdrier. I will say that most men are put off the blowdrier idea. If you are wanting to add volume or straighten, a blowdrier will be your best friend. If using one, make sure you put a product in your hair first depending on what you want to achieve. Mousse = volume/shine, Gel = sculpting, Hair Oil = Anti-frizz.

3. Style. Once your hair is dry, you can then begin styling. If you style your hair prior to it being dry, you'll notice (and girls will too) that it becomes crunchy and hard. If you style it dry, you'll use less product and your hair will look and feel better. Find a style that works for you and can be created in under five minutes. (Trust me, you don't want to spend more than this....) Some great products to use are Redken for Men Polish Up Pomade, AG Waxx Gloss Pomade or AG Infrastructure. (The first two are more glossy and the last one is sticky.) Rub a small amount of product between your hands and go to town.

Remember, girls like coiffed hair on guys. We like hair that looks rugged but is still stylish. Oh, and crunchy hair ISN'T your friend....Ha. And, last but not least, don't cheap out on products. Cheap hair stuff either dries out your hair or makes it oily. (Both of which aren't good.) If you aren't sure what's good, your hair stylist can definitely help!

Hair Loss Tip: If you are starting to lose your hair, don't fret. It happens to a lot of people, women included. My girlfriend Renate, a very prominent stylist and guest blogger, recommends the Nioxin Hair Treatment Kit. It comes very highly reviewed and can be purchased discreetly online.

Let me know your thoughts guys. I may have missed something!


  1. What an awesome post! I totally agree about the crunchy hair. No one wants to run their fingers through it! xo

  2. Excellent! Thanks for telling about when to blowdry and on styling. I think oiling is missed by most guys but TY for bringing it up.

  3. Thanks you two. Amar, this post was LONG overdue and yes, hair oil is missed by most people. Of course, anyone with thinner hair will dislike it immensely. Bron, you are so right. Crunchy hair is not sexy...ha


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