Sep 16, 2010

Strange Happenings

I am really having an interesting day.
It's only 1:08 PM and, already, I'm wishing for sleep so it can be tomorrow.

My day began like any other EXCEPT that last night, I got my hair coiffed. So, typically, I adore getting my hair cut, colored and styled because not only is it great to have someone else deal with your hair, but it's a chance to read smutty magazines. Seriously, I am a sucker for hollywood gossip. I know everything about everyone from whom they're dating, what clothing lines they were and what they looked like last year. (Allan knows almost as much as I do because living with me involves listening to my crazy celebrity-inspired rants.) The problem with my visit last night was no new celebrity trash; I'd already read everything. Strike 1, I'd say.

Got out of bed this morning to an intense bug problem. (Yes, I said bugs.) Now, everyone knows that basement suites = bugs and, though I hate them, I understand that. Seriously, though, I can't handle killing 15+ potato bugs (weird, black, flat bugs) and 1 abnormally large spider before 6:15 am. It's just not right. The spider incident occurred as soon as I dragged my sorry behind to the kitchen to make coffee. I was filling the pot in the sink and noticed this weird black thing dart across the sink. I look down, since I'm still uber groggy at this point, and leaned in to the sink to catch a closer look. When I realized that it was not only a spider but one with real fangs, I freaked out. I screamed a bit, jumped up and down and called for Allan to come kill it. (Oh right, Allan is away for the next two weeks so I had to save myself.) I tried to drown it at first, but to no avail, so I grabbed a tissue and squashed the killer spider. Strike 2.

Once the bugs were met with their watery deaths, I went to the bathroom to have a bath. I flicked on the light, looked in the mirror and almost screamed again. I completely forgot that I got my hair colored and, let me tell you, holy crap is it dark. I did say auburn though but I am feeling a little overwhelmed. That plus I can't wear all black outfits anymore. Strike 3.

This next little tidbit isn't so much a rant but more of a strange beauty treatment I read about. It's called a Butt Facial. Yes, you heard me right. People pay about $70 to have a facial completed on their booty as well as a massage. Not only do you get cleansed, exfoliated and massaged but they include waxing should you choose. I have absolutely never heard of this treatment before and I have an odd feeling that someone is going to ask me to write a review about it........hmmmmmmm

Anyway, it's 1:30 pm now and since unloading, I feel mountains better......
PS... Is anyone else having a weird day???


  1. Poor you, I know how you feel. I was having a weird day like that yesterday. It'll get better. Pray that winter comes quickly so no more bugs!!

  2. I completely agree about the bugs...they are running rampant across my wood floors. Thanks for the boost though...xo

  3. you should write a review about it that would be epic well not epic just cool!:)

  4. Ha, I KNEW someone would ask me that. I will look into it for sure and she if it's offered here....

  5. A part of your bug problem is you killing your spiders. I let mine run around, never caused me any harm, apart from some 'Sweet Jesus!' moments, haha. I sometimes check how many dead bugs hang in their nets. One brave individual killed a hornet for me! That guy deserves a medal, hornets are dangerous.

    Though I'm afraid to do so, I sometimes take them into my hand. I get shivers, but they never bite. They've got a bad rep if you ask me.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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