Sep 11, 2010

A Bunch of Woo-Hoos

I have to give a couple of woo-hoos to two different companies: Fred Meyer and Warehouse One. I am completely and utterly in love with both for so many joyous reasons, which I, of course, will be sharing. Please, though, bare with me as I share my past two days with you all, in detail.

Thursday, after work, Allan picked me up at the skytrain, like normal, and we proceeded to the Bell store. (Long story short, I'd been trying to change my stupid cell phone plan since I pay WAY too much money per month.) Anyway, Daniel at the shop was amazing and after Allan talked them into giving me a much cheaper plan, we were on our way to a new, cute restaurant called Mucho Burrito. It's like a fast food burrito shop BUT it's all fresh ingredients and made to order. (We'll be going back for sure.....)

After eats, I noticed a new Warehouse One in the complex and we made our way there to find me some new jeans. Not only did I find a pair of jeans BUT two new pairs of dress pants and leggings
too. Oh and, the best part is, they have elastic waists.....(I know what you're thinking but they are FAB.....) The new line is stretchy and easy to wear since there aren't any buttons digging into odd places. My woo-hoo goes out to the new store, new line and the amazing manager who helped me shop!

Friday came and it was Allan's birthday. After work, we went go-karting and to dinner at a quaint Greek restaurant in White Rock that came equipped with it's own belly dancer.....(They always seem to shimmy directly in front of your table as soon as you start to eat.) Anyway, after that, Allan and I took a trip across the border; him to program a phone and me to shop at Target.

As it turns out, Target was closed so instead I slipped into Fred Meyer and I am so glad I did. I spent all of 15 minutes in there, since they were also about to close, and bought 9 new beauty products totaling $20......I KNOW, completely unheard of right? Yes, the product line was Wet N
Wild, which we all know isn't fantastic quality, but for some blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks and bronzers, you can't beat that. So this is my woo-hoo to Fred're awesome.

UPDATE: I would like to make it known that the reason I purchased the WNW line was because of a specific eyeshadow called Kitten. This particular shadow(located on right) is almost the exact same shade of my new NARS Strada Shadow. The reason for the comparison is PRICE...the NARS shadow is $20 while the WNW Kitten Shadow cost me $1.99.


  1. ooooooooo, I want the eyeshadows in the first picture!! I've never tried wet n wild's makeup, just their nail polish, which is super cheap....just my price

  2. I completely agree about the price thing. I'm going to be picking some more of the palettes up so i'll be sure to bring you one back...


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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