Sep 17, 2010

Be Gone Frizzy Hair

What a dreary day today...

Because of the dampness in Vancouver, I'm always on the hunt for a product that prevents the frizzies. You all know what I'm talking about....those little strands that stick straight up after standing in the rain for a second, or the curly bits that emerge out of nowhere...yes, I know all about it.

Even though my hair is short, I deal with the frizzies daily. My hair, as everyone knows, is extremely coarse, thick and texturized. This means that most hair products aren't able to tame it. I have tried sprays, leave-in conditioners, pommades, serums and most of them don't work.

While at the salon the other day, I noticed a tiny container called Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment. I purchased the little bottle because it was time for something new and my usual product, Biosilk, had been failing me. The new product, Agadir, is 100% certified organic as it uses pure argan oil which softens and strengthens dry, brittle and hard to manage hair.

This morning, after washing, I used about about a nickel size (for my hair anyway) and rubbed it all over. Let me say, first, the smell is absolutely amazing. Similar to the Morroccan Oil line, it smells like your on a beach in the tropics. Once in my hair, it wasn't greasy or oily and my hair follicles seemed to relax under the product. So far I'm pretty impressed.

I styled like normal and though I didn't see a difference, I sure felt one. My hair was smooth, sleek and straight for the first time since...well, ever. I was actually able to use less pommade and less hair spray so my hair feels normal....Yay.

NOTE: Because I have intense hair, I could use a nickel size. Should you have fine or thin hair, I would recommend using less.


  1. Sounds awesome, but how much was it? Everyone needs a little frizz control in Vancouver...

  2. I purchased it for about $20 from Allegria Salon. The size I bought is close to the picture above. I totally agree, frizz is not fun.


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