Sep 30, 2010

The Skinny on Deodorant - Q & A with Carmen

On a recent trip to Fred Meyers (yes, another one....) my friend Carmen and I were dragged, by Allan, over to the Organic Skin and Body Care section.

We were perusing through brands like Kiss My Face (amazing product line), Burt's Bees and Avalon Organics when we stumbled on 8 different brands of deodorant. Now usually, I'm not as fussy about deodorant as I am about...say, skin care or moisturizers, but lately, I've been researching them because many brands add harmful ingrediants. (By the way, the main difference between the two is deodorant allows perspiration but prevents odour while antiperspirant uses chemicals to prevent perspiration.) One of the most harmful additives in these products is aluminum oxide which is the compound that actually works to prevent sweating and odours. (It's been said that this compound has been associated with multiple brain disorders and even breast cancer.)

So, we did like any woman fearing for her breasts would do, we purchased some natural deodorant. I bought JASON Natural Deodorant in Lavender (yummy scent) while Carmen purchased Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. Once home, I put the stick on immediately. To be honest, I was a bit nervous at first. Yes, the scent was nice but once on, it didn't seem to dry instantly, in fact, it took about 10 minutes for my armpit to absorb the moisture. But, once absorbed, I wasn't wet at all!!! Since then, I have been using this everyday and absolutely love it. I am still completely DRY at the end of the day and am no longer having to reapply mid-afternoon....Kuddos to JASON!!!

Carmen is one of the busiest gals I know. With two kids she's raising by herself and a career that flies her her around North America, having her sit down and write a review is difficult. So, without further adieu, the Q & A....

Me: What was your first impression/initial thought of the Crystal?
Carmen: A bit skeptical to be honest. I’m not a huge sweater but when I do, I definitely produce an odour without antiperspirant or deodorant on…

Me: The Crystal is completely different than other deodorants. What are the application techniques?
Carmen: The Crystal is very hard and dry so you run it under a trickle of water to wet the top, and then rub the area to spread on the ‘crystal’. Sometimes two dips in the water are needed.

Me: And??? Does it work?
Carmen: Wow…like amazing!!!! The first few days I was amazed at a few things…mostly that it was not sticky, no residue and no odour…seriously NO ODOUR at the end of a day. But, the true test came on Tuesday of last week. Imagine showing up to the Vancouver Airport at 2:15, when your plane leaves at 2:45. (International flight of course.) Imagine the front desk calling down to the plane and being told that I had to be there at 2:35 or they were closing the doors! Imagine how fast I ran, begging for a better line in customs and security, charming my way through the ENTIRE LUGGAGE INSPECTION I encountered. Imagine making it with 3 seconds to spare and being escorted on the plane!!! Imagine how nasty I must have been, sitting next to that poor person in 16A… Well, this did happen to me and after we were 39 thousand feet up, I ventured into the bathroom with my arms firmly stuck to my side like glue imagining all sorts of vicious smells exuding!! NOTHING….not a scent….not a single scent!!! Honestly, that was my true test and it passed with flying colours!!!

Me: Does the product give off any scent or smell?
Carmen: Zero. I’ve tried hard to find a hint…and nothing…nada…ziltcho!

Me: Would you buy it again?
Carmen: I may never need too. I’ve heard this thing will last forever! But yes, I will. The only thing I’m ‘waiting’ for is for my body to get used to it or something and stop working. You know how one's body sometimes gets used to the deodorant they use? Maybe that will happen here too. Maybe we should do a follow up in three months!! ( I totally agree Carm!!)

Me: Last words?
Carmen: Super super impressed. Best $5 I’ve ever spent and I feel like I’m doing well for my body by not putting aluminum on it everyday.
Thanks so much, Carmen, for trying out this awesome product and answering my questions! (I couldn't have done it without you...) Try these out ladies, seriously. Get out of the habit of wearing a product with harmful additives. These two brands aren't expensive and your body deserves to be happy and healthy!



  1. Interesting post... definitely something to think about. I will be checking all my deodorant when I get home!

  2. Ha, as you should. Try out some of the natural products. I'm sure you'll like them


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