Sep 21, 2010

Beautiful Nudes

I am completely taken by nudes right now. No, I'm not talking about art since I, unfortunately, know nothing about it, but am, of course, talking about nude lips, eyes, and shoes.

I remember so long ago wearing nude lipstick before I knew how to use blush or concealer. I think I wore nude then because it was the only color my mom would let me wear to school and, back then, browns and beiges were very popular. Nude lip color, though, has come back with a bang because of the smoky eye. If you're going heavy on eye make-up it's always best to match it with a nude lip as all the focus is meant to be on the eyes.

Yesterday I was on a rampage trying to find the perfect pair of nude heels to wear to a birthday dinner. Get this, I was in the mall for 35 minutes and checked out all the shoe stores and managed to have pairs on hold at each shop. Lucky me that the last place I went to had the pair I'd been looking for. I snatched them up right away. (Photo on Left...)

Getting back to lip color though, here's a list of my favorite nude lipsticks and glosses right now.

1. NARS Belle Du Jour. This color is absolutely perfect with minimal or heavy make-up. Kudos to Kim Kardashian for making this such a popular color.
2. Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk. This brand is neat since their glosses are also enhanced with a lip plumping serum. Once on, this nude gloss tingles and creates a perfect pout.
3. Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish 545A in Blushing Balli. I adore this color. It's a subtle pink shimmery gloss that doesn't really change the color of my lips but tends to go with everything. Oh, and it only cost me $.67
4. NARS Cruising. Again, another amazing color by NARS. Perfectly nude and actually lasts a long time on your lips. (Model above is wearing this color.)
5. MAC Creme d'Nude. Perfect matte nude color to pair with smoky eyes.

Tell me your go to nude lip colors, ladies! I'm always wanting to expand on this list....


  1. I'm not a fan of nude lips. I think it makes people look kinda sick

  2. Yeah, I can understand that Eva. If you are only wearing a nude lip with no eye make-up, it doesn't look too good that's for sure.

  3. A nude lip has to be matched to your skin tone. For us fair-skinned, pink undertoned sisters, a nude lip MUST have a slight pinkish hue to it. For anyone with a more golden skin tone, try a nude that airs on the side of peach. And always always ALWAYS, dot just a tiny bit of clear gloss on top to take away that dead, completely matte nude look (think Angelina Jolie). Go for an ever-so-slightly creamy nude, instead of the full-on matte. These tips should take away that "sick" look.

  4. I completely agree Jess! Great comment. Clear gloss will always take away the matte look BUT you still have to pick the right color.

  5. I also dislike the matte dead look of most NUDE lipsticks. I have previously never found one that looks good on me. But thanks to Christina I have. After reading some of her posts, I happened to be walking past a display in superstore with lipgloss on my mind. I found Joe lipgloss in NUDE. Yes it is $8, but it is a larger liploss than most. It has the nude look that I want but it is slightly sheer and very glossy. I also found that it stayed on fairly well and was not overly sticky. I have my perfect everyday lipcolour. Thanks Christina!

  6. Hey Heather...I am so glad to hear that you found one you like!!! And you're right..Nude lipcolor can go with everything. Good for you for giving it a try!!!

  7. i personally think beige nudes look super sexy with smokey eyes :)


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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