Jul 8, 2010

Toners I Would DIE Without!!

I love skincare products, as we all know, BUT the act of actually cleansing my face bores me. I hate standing in the bathroom, running the water, drying my skin....blah, blah, blah. The whole ritual seems to irritate me. Having said that, I realize how important cleansing is and will ONLY go to bed with my make-up on if I am a bit tipsy and can't actually find the bathroom...(seriously, it happens). Though I dislike the ritual, I am in LOVE with three different toners right now.

1. Burt's Bees Rosewater and Glycerin Toner. This stuff is to die for. The smell alone makes me happy to tone my face. They claim that it's for sensitive and mature skin, but honestly, I have combination skin and adore it. It's revitalizing, calming and doesn't cause any irritation. I highly recommend it.
2. Boots Botanics Organic Skin Brightening Toner. Completely different from the one above but still one that I use as often as the Burt's Bees toner. This one is phenomenal when used in conjunction with the Skin Brightening Cleanser. (More to come about this in a different post.) This toner does as it says and you will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin's brightness. May not be great for sensitive skin as there is nothing calming about it. Still, I highly recommend it.
3. Sonia Kashuk Eye Make-up Remover. This is the best make-up remover I have ever used. (And trust me, I have tried over 20 brands.) This is great for all skin types and leaves the skin incredibly silky smooth. Now, I have this under toner because you can remove make-up with it and it leaves your entire face exceptionally clean and sweet smelling. (Having said that though, I would still cleanse and moisturize even if you use this as a make-up remover for your face.)
Alright, PRICING information. These products are actually relatively inexpensive which is a nice change. I purchase almost all my skincare from Target in the US since it's cheaper and you get free shipping if you spend a certain amount. (Keep in mind though, that they don't ship to Canada so it might be a good investment to get a PO BOX in the States.) You can also buy everything from Shoppers Drug Mart.

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