Jul 15, 2010

Guest Blog #1 - The Smashing Renate

Bonjour Product Fiends!!!

Here is the first of many guest blogs from my bestie, Renate, who is an amazing hair stylist. Feel free to email hair questions to her via cmwolthers@gmail.com as she will be doing a slot weekly... Now, without further adieu....

As a teenager, doing my hair, of course, was NOT at the top of my priority list. As most fine haired women, I battled with my hair from a very young age which meant usually just putting it up in one of those gramma clips... (no offense...but you know what I mean, grab twist clip.) Weren't they the highlight of the mid 90's !!

Until one day, I was introduced to the blow drier and round brush method! (Wow, I remember this day sooooooo clearly.) Not gonna lie, but learning how to use a round brush took a lot of patience, practice, and a few choice words that a lady shouldn't repeat!! Once I had that process perfected, I began to backcomb. (Seriously, the best thing ever!) I have used the same back combing method now for about 10 years , tweeking some parts of my daily routine of course, and introducing a flat iron definitely helped smooth those crazy fly aways.

We all want what we don't have: why wasn't I born with thick hair, curly hair, straight hair, or fine hair. Or why is it when I wear a ponytail all day, and then take it out, it has a horrendous bump? My fine haired ladies, have no fear!!! I have some great tips for you. I have learned that our type of hair holds great curl, unlike some other hair types, and it doesn't take much to make it straight because it already is. I guess my point is that I have straight, fine, lifeless hair. If I didn't use my volume spray on a daily, I would go as crazy as my hair. My recommendation for you is CHI volume spray. I use it on a regular basis and am absolutely in with love it. Its lightweight, and can be sprayed throughout the whole head for all around volume.

I don't know how many times I've been asked, "do you have a bumpit in your hair?" and my reply is always "no, hon, this is 10 years of practice" ........... Renate

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  1. Thanks Renate! What awesome tips! I don't have fine hair but my sister does. I will be introducing her to your "column" It'll be great to see what you teach us every week!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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