Jul 23, 2010

Guest Blog from the Smashing Ariella

I love guest blogs....it's so great to learn from others who have experience in so many different areas. My good friend Ariella is a phenomenal make-up artist who has amazing experience with cosmetics as well as application tips. (As well as secrets of the trade.) So, here she is......

My fabulous friend Christina asked me to let you guys in on a couple tricks of the trade. Being a make-up artist and a lover of all things natural, I have had the pleasure of trying out many products and have dabbled in creating my own concoctions.

1. Brushes. I am a firm believer in having great brushes. They allow you to apply your make-up better and are reusable (aka better for the environment). My two favourite brush lines are Quo(Shoppers Drug Mart Brand) and EcoTools (Alicia Silverstone’s Line). Both are inexpensive and durable. *Another great solution to make-up brushes are art brushes; some of my longest lasting and personal favourites are from my art store days. They are usually less expensive and just as effective. Another great note about brushes is this…Clean them! It’s important to keep your tools clean and sanitary. I can’t tell you how many make-up bags I have looked into that give me the creeps. I personally don’t bother with expensive brush cleaner since some 70% or 99% alcohol (and a shampoo every once in a while) will keep them as good as new.

2. Home-Made Scrubs. I don’t know about you, but I love a good scrub! I often make my own face and body scrubs because I haven’t found one that I love as much as the ones I make myself. Cetaphil and baking soda make a great daily exfoliating cleanser, while brown sugar is a great body scrub. That’s right, just some brown sugar (white sugar if you prefer a coarser scrub) and go to town with damp hands. Yes, it will start to melt, but no worries there as you'll taste nice and sweet.

3. Eye Liner. This is the topic I get asked about the most: How to apply liquid liner? How to get a straight line? Christina and I are hoping to make some how-to videos this summer to better illustrate some techniques, but in the meantime let me share a couple of points with you.

  • Liquid Liner - just because it comes with an applicator, doesn’t mean you have to use it! Use your favourite synthetic angled brush and it will give you more control.
  • Turn your favourite eye shadows into soft liners by dampening your brush before application.
  • Tight Liner – this is when you work eye shadow into the lash line from just below your lashes. It creates a fuller lash effect without looking like thick liner. (My daily wear.)
  • Practice – Liner isn’t easy and your eyelids aren’t carbon copies of each other which means you need to practice your application until you are at ease with it.

I would love to answer any of your questions as well so email cmwolthers@gmail.com should something pop into your head!

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  1. Those are great ideas from Ariella. I really like the idea of making your own scrubs. My brother-in-law made me some body scrub last year a base of brown sugar and I love it! I can't wait to try out the eyeliner tips too. I ♥ the guest blogs. Keep 'em coming!!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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