Jul 30, 2010

Beauty Tip #2: Even MORE Bronzer Tips for my Pasty Friends

Summer + Skin = MAJOR need for bronzer.

A friend of mine, also a pasty sister, really likes my posts about bronzing products and tips about "faking" a tan so, Lori, this is for you. Oh AND I thought it was time to share a smashing bronzer tip, one that I've been using since my dance days. (This, also, doesn't involve shelling out money for products providing you have a big powder brush and a great loose bronzer.)

I'm sure you already know what I'm about to say BUT brushing on a tan gives you ultimate control (so you can apply as much, or as little, as you want) PLUS there's no streaking. Dip your brush in the bronzer and, seriously, go nuts. (I like to use a loose bronzer that has a shimmer. I find that a matte bronzer can look a bit too fake, if you know what I mean.) When applying, make sure you're twisting the brush into your skin using circular motions instead of just brushing it on. We want to make sure the powder stays on your skin and not on other things, like clothes....ha.

Using this technique is great for creating cleavage when wearing low shirts AND is also nice on legs when wearing skirts or shorts. Plus, if you have a bronzer that you love for your face why not stay with the same color on your body.

*Remember - When using this technique don't brush the bronzer on slick limbs. Trust me, you'll have little pieces of bristle everywhere. (My boyfriend, Allan, has picked off soo many of these "whiskers"....ha.) Just make sure your skin is dry prior to application.

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