Jul 12, 2010

Beauty Tip #1 - Red Lipstick

Soooo, I love red. It is my favorite color for everything: purses, shoes, wallets, dresses, hair color...( I keep going on but you probably catch my drift.) My most favorite thing to wear right now is bright red lipstick and minimal eye makup. ( I am so glad to see that red lips are back with a bang...)

So, it has taken me a long time to perfect the "red pout" without using the infamous lip liner. Now, don't get me wrong, lip liner is a great tool, it's just not for me. I have never been great at putting it on and I can never blend it properly. Of course, use whatever works for you but here is what I do...

1. Pick your shade or a color that you feel comfortable, and awesome, wearing.
2. Use a concealer brush and dab concealer on the outside of your lip line, mainly below the lower lip. ( I use this, as well, to touch up after I apply the color, in case it bleeds.)
3. Use a lip brush with the lipstick color to outline the lips, instead of using lip liner.
4. Once step 3 is done, use the lipstick tube on your lips.
5. Blot after first application.
6. Repeat step 4.
7. If bleeding has occurred, use concealer brush and concealer to remove smudges.

*******Update: My smashing friend who is a Make-Up Artist wanted me to say that IF you choose to use a lip liner, ensure that it's a nude color. It will hold the color better and still give you a great lip line.... xoxox to Ariella

I never use lip gloss on top because I love the matte red look but use whatever you love!!!

Oh, I should also say that I am currently in LOVE with Youngblood's Crimson Lipstick, which is my go-to red....and I am sorry to report that it is discontinued. I will let you know of some other good colors in my next posts....

Thoughts, are you into red lips like me???


  1. Awesome tips! Can't wait to try what you've suggested. I've never been into red, but I'm willing to give it a go...

  2. If anyone can pull off a red lip, it's you, seriously. Pick a bright red shade and I can help you with the application if you like. It'll look smashing...

  3. i LOOOVVEEEE a red lip. And I also don't care for lipliner. I DO however, love the reverse lipliner. It's basically a clear, almost waxy pencil that you use to line just outside of your lip line, and it prevents any smudging or bleeding of bold lipcolours. I use one from Benefit called "d'finer d'liner" and it is fantastic! Lovin' your blog, beautiful!

    From one product whore to another


  4. Hey Jess.....awwww thanks so much for reading and for the tip. I am actually going to look into that product. And, I have to say, I went out and bought a nude lip liner (yes I know) the other day and actually am so far liking the look of the red lipstick with it. Definitely prevents the smudging, etc....I am totally going to try your product though....and i am waiting for the guest blog.....xoxo


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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