May 4, 2011

I'm Dreaming Of.......Vanity Tables

Do you ever wish that you had unlimited funds and a home with unlimited space? Silly question, I know but just imagine the makeup, fragrances and clothing you'd have? Sigh....

Personally, I would love to have a great organized closet with a ginormous built-in vanity/dressing table (alla Carrie Bradshaw) to house all my cosmetics but living in a 2 bedroom condo does not allow for much space.

Since we all can dream, have a look at these beautiful dressing tables:

I'm a huge sucker for antiques. I love this table because there are tons of drawer space and a cute little glass knick knack shelf in the centre. So classic and pretty!

How cute is this little's prefect for small spaces. However, it would hardly hold any of my makeup but it's still pretty. I really like the three mirrors.

This is my all-time favorite vanity table. Would it hold any of my but I love the mirrors. It has such a princess-y feel.

This table is so old Victorian and the stool is absolutely perfect! I adore this one. I can definitely see this as a focal point in a woman's bedroom.

And, now, here's my terrible vanity table. I'm in the process of priming and re-painting it, hence why it's lacking color. I actually bought this for only $20 on craigslist because it's an old desk and someone was trying to get rid of it quickly. The big green mirror, though, is vintage and was given to me by my mom. My plan (when the weather starts to get nice and I can take it outside) is to paint it a light seafoam green and put a huge black chandelier stencil on the top. I am then going to paint my stool sliver and re-upholster it with a black and white houndstooth print. Can't wait!! (PS - Yes, all the drawers are filled to the brim with makeup and no, it's never this tidy!)

Tell me ladies! How are you storing your makeup? Do you have a vanity table? I'd love to see some of your pics...



  1. I love those pretty vanities as well, but I know that I have way too much junk to keep that kind of surface neat and tidy! My makeup is mostly in a train case, some regular stuff on my not-very-pretty vanity, some stuffed in my desk drawers and more in a bunch of different purses. You should show us the after picture when you finish the paint job and all! Sounds terrific.

  2. Ooo, thanks Liz, I'll definitely have to show everyone the after pics. (as soon as I actually finish the task..ha). I am so the same as makeup is EVERYWHERE. Sometimes, when I'm changing purses I'll find a lipstick that I thought I lost...too funny


  3. My vanity is in flux, too. I have a table and mirror carved by my grandfather that is completely gorgeous and elegant. To protect the surface I placed hot pink suede on top of the wood and reupholstered my chair with the same fabric. It's not quite finished and organized, though! But I'll post pictures soon. Currently my makeup lives in vanity cases, makeup bags, a plastic container with drawers, and my purse. I need to get on with this vanity project!

  4. Oh i so desperatly want a vanity table! These are all gorgeous. I had a horrible pine one as a little girl that got slowly destroyed by my older brothers. Funny really, i didn't need a vanity table then but i do now! xx

  5. Can't wait to see the transformation of your vanity!

    I can't wait to move and have a room all to myself where I can put my vanity and house all my clothes and accessories. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. I have a make-shift table but it isn't a nice one.
    I am loving the one with the green wallpaper bacground. The bigger the shelves, the more I can buy. LOL.

  7. I wish I had a vanity. All the ones you posted are gorgeous..I just have my make-up on top of a set of draws and have to stand to do my does for now.

  8. Oooh fun project! Can't wait to see the result. Imagine having a make-up room....sigh. That make-up table I got is nearly full already !

  9. I bought a wooden desk on craigslist and painted it white and changed the knobs with awesome ones I got at Anthropology. It does the job! :) xo

  10. Thanks guys!! Your comments are always so fun. I would love to see where you all house your makeup too so maybe a fun group post....?? Ha


  11. I'm dreaming for such a things! I wish had the unlimited space! or (at least) I wish my place was two times bigger!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  12. I want the 3rd vanity!:D

    Your plan sounds great, I like seafoam green and black together.

    I store mine here:

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Omg... unlimited funds and space... What a dream!

  14. I really love the first vanity. Where did it come from??

  15. Can anyone tell me where the 4th vanity came from?? I need to have it for my closet.

    1. Did you find out where one can find the 4th vanity you like? I love ir myself & am curious. Thanks

    2. Ashleigh, did you find out whr u can buy the 4th vanity? I love it myself & am curious to knw how much it cost. Pls advise anyone. Ty

    3. Did you find out where one can find the 4th vanity you like? I love ir myself & am curious. Thanks

    4. Hi Ladies!! I WISH I knew where all these vanity tables could be bought from BUT I suggest doing a search online for a victorian vanity table and see what pops up. Good luck!

  16. Where oh where can i get that mirrored two drawer vanity.
    Please tell me

  17. Hi, I love the stool in this picture:

    Do you know where I can buy one? Thank you very much!



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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