May 20, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: The Miracle of Aloe Vera

Man, does my skin ever have a fantastic relationship with aloe vera.  Because I'm so paste-y pale, all I ever do in the sun is burn.  Now don't get me wrong, I always always always wear a sunscreen to prevent this but sometimes, after swimming or being on a boat all day, you forget to reapply.  (At least I always do).  This means Allan has to bolt to a drugstore and lather me, from head to toe, in green aloe vera goo.

I don't know about you but once your skin is thoroughly covered in the gel it feels much cooler, of course, but also extremely moisturized.  Which brings me to today's topic, the skin care uses of Aloe Vera.

1. Aloe vera is an excellent eye gel and wrinkle smoother.  Apply in the morning, under your eyes, and watch your skin firm up.

2. For my girls with oily skin, alternate aloe vera gel with your moisturizer.  You'll notice that over time your skin will be less oily.  (A major perk of aloe vera)

3. For my girls with dry skin, mix aloe vera gel with your moisturizer and you'll notice a big difference in your skin's texture.

4. Use after moisturizer as a natural primer.  Honestly, I've been doing this for the past few days and it works wonders.  My skin is exceptionally smooth and noticeably softer when I have this product on.

5. Have any pimple redness or swelling?  Rub some aloe vera gel on clean skin and you'll notice that the swelling and redness will almost disappear.

Why this works?  Aloe vera has been used for medicinal purposes for many years because of it's healing abilities.  Aloe vera contains vitamin C and E, plus zinc, all of which contribute to healing.  Aloe vera is also an adaptogen which makes it very effective for all skin types.  Quick tip: Ensure you're using pure aloe vera gel or at least as close to 100% pure as possible.  (I'm using one that's 99.7% pure.)  The last thing we need is an aloe gel on our skin that's jam packed with preservatives and additives.

I've been using my aloe for the past four nights, before bed, and when I wake up my skin is so supple and soft, it's amazing.  The best part is that my HUGE bottle of aloe only cost me $6.99.  (I got mine at Rite-Aid).  I love cheap skin care!!

Have any of you ladies tried this before?  What do you think of this tip?

PS - Happy weekend to everyone and a big happy LONG weekend to all the gals from Canada....woohoo.  Allan is taking me away for the whole weekend so I'll be back posting for Tuesday....xo


  1. love love love the new look!! I've been a HUGE fan of Aloe for a long time... glad you sang it's praises! xo

  2. Thanks lady! Who knew that Aloe Vera was this great of a moisturizer! I am so loving it as well

  3. This is so awesome! I love aloe and had no idea how many other uses it had besides treating sunburns. What a miracle product!

  4. Using aloe vera is a brilliant idea! I will definitely try these methods. Thanks for sharing :D

  5. I tried Aloe for my acne a while ago and it didn't seem to do much. :( I may give it another go though as my little Aloe plant is getting huge! lol

  6. I just wanted to stop and say I Love reading your blog and so glad I found it!

    I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award!

    Thanks so much, look forward to more and more posts!

  7. Ooh I have a tube of aloe vera as well. I will try it on my face tonight! :)

  8. Good post!:D

    I remember using this as a kid whenever I stayed too long under the sun!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. Aloe vera is also an adaptogen which makes it very effective for all skin types. Keep up the fantastic piece of work, I read few articles on this web site and I believe that your blog is really interesting and has got lots of good information.

  10. I like the picture you have showing the gel coming out of the plant and I'd like to use it for a Biology report. Where did this image come from? and does it have a copyright that I need to know about so I can get permission to use it and cite the source?



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