May 27, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: Pink Grapefruit Face Wash

Yay for Friday!!  I, honestly, can't say this enough.  Though we had Monday off here in Canada for Victoria Day it still seemed like the longest work week imaginable.  And it's overrrrr........yes!

So, last night, after a great workout with Allan and my good friend, Bronwen and an impromptu sushi dinner, we went to the best fresh veggie/fruit market near our condo.  I love going here because everything is so crisp, the colors are so vibrant and it's very inexpensive.  I was perusing the rows, looking for inspiration for this DIY post, and smelled the most amazing scent.  So, I followed my nose (ha) and it took me directly to the most fragrant bunch of pink grapefruits I'd ever smelled.  Needless to say, I knew exactly what I was going to create...

Pink Grapefruit Face Wash

One half of a pink grapefruit, peel included
1 Tbsp. milk (I use skim milk myself)
1 Tsp. sugar (add more for a thicker consistency)

Grind the grapefruit (including the peel) in a blender and add the milk and sugar.  Once blended completely, place mixture in a microwave until just warm.  (About 15 seconds).  Spread mixture on your face, gently rubbing the sugar in your skin until it dissolves.  Remove with warm water.

Why this works?  Grapefruits are packed with Vitamin C (in fact, in one half grapefruit there is 78.1% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin  Vitamin C is fantastic for your skin because it promotes the production of collagen which gives skin elasticity AND it helps reduce damage to the skin from free radicals.  All in all, Vitamin C does wonders for your skin and it will keep you looking younger, longer!

This face wash is perfect for summer!  Not only does it smell great but your skin will feel extremely refreshed too.  And another thing, since sugar is a natural exfoliant, your skin will be glowing when you've rinsed this concoction off.

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  1. This a great diy! I'm going to try it when we have some grapefruit. Thanks!

  2. I love all your DIYs! I never thought about using citrus in a face wash, but it makes so much sense because tons of peels/masks on the market talk about having tons of vitamin C! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Oooo nice idea. I love Grapefruit. I like to eat them and drink them with alcohol too lol 'Salty Dog' is delicious :D

    Thanks again for the blog award ... all my secrets have been revealed come visit :D

  4. YAY for Friday and DIYs!! I'm excited to give this one a go tonight!! Thanks for posting! xo

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! I like this face wash because it's really simple and refreshing....xo

  6. I've heard the lactic acid in the milk also acts as a natural peel! Great stuff, I'll have to try this for myself.

  7. I've done the lemon & sugar scrub which works wonderfully, but never grapefruit! Excellent idea. Love your DIY tips!

  8. I love grapefruit, so I will definitely try this!! Thanks ;) x

  9. This is a great idea! I wonder if it would work without milk, or with a non-dairy milk? I've tried making a scrub with sugar, olive oil & lime juice, that was really good for toning and refreshing.

    Thank you for following me by the way, you're the first! I'll follow you back in a mo, I'm really liking your posts. ♥


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