May 24, 2011

Victoria's Secret (Limited Edition) Makeup Haul

Usually I don't get drawn in to liking makeup lines that emerge, almost as an afterthought, in some of my favorite stores.  However, about a month ago, I saw the cutest gold zebra-printed tubes of lipstick and, despite being launched by Victoria's Secret, knew I had to have them.

Since Vancouver doesn't have a Victoria's Secret AND Allan was taking me away this long weekend for a mini-vacation to Seattle, I made it my priority to search high and low for the products I wanted.  (Oh, there was another thing that was a priority this weekend, but that will come in tomorrow's post.)

On my list were three of the five Love Me Wild Limited Edition lipsticks in Instinct, Heartbeat, Heated, the Love Me Wild Limited Edition Radiant Face Trio in Mate and the Sexy To Go Makeup Kit.  Here's what I actually got:
(Left to right) Girl's Night Sheer Fragrance Mist, Girl's Night Nourishing Body Cream, Island Escape Sheer Fragrance Mist, VS Love Me Wild Lipstick in Heartbeat, Beauty Rush Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Kiwiberry and VS Love Me Wild Lipstick in Instinct.  (As it turns out, everyone decided to buy this line at the exact same time as I did so they were sold out of Heated and Mate.....boooooo)

Because I can't wear fragrance to work, due to our no-scent policy, I ALWAYS use a body spray instead.  I've really come to love the Island Escape because it ties together coconut and pineapple which is the perfect thing to wear when it's raining outside.  I smelled the Girl's Night and really liked it too.  This one is not beachy at all but more floral-y and very feminine.  It combines pink peony and waterlily and it just smells really fresh.  The best part about these scents are their price: 3 for $15.....amazing.

This picture does not do these two lipsticks justice whatsoever.  Heartbeat (left) is a gorgeous coral color that goes on very smooth.  The color last for quite a while and doesn't overdry your lips which is an absolute must for me.  The other color, Instinct (right), is a beautiful cool nude tone.  It's not too pink and not too matte which makes it a good color for me.  The lipsticks are being sold for $14 a piece.

I also found the Sexy To Go Makeup Kit and it was an absolute steal at only $22.  This palette comes with 12 eye shadows, 6 lip glosses, 2 blushes, one eye liner, one lip balm, a bronzer, a highlighter and three brushes.
I'll be honest, I've yet to try this palette out but will let you know as soon as I do.  For $22 I'm not expecting it to be amazing but I could always be pleasantly surprised....

Have any of you guys tried this VS Makeup Line?  What are your thoughts?



  1. Sounds like it was made for you in mind, with all the animal prints. Glad you had a good long weekend! xo

  2. You got some great things. I recently picked up the baked shadow quad from this collection and love it. Their products are great quality and they do not test on Animals.

  3. Very cute products! I use the Beauty Rush lip gloss sometimes, and I like it pretty well. I got a couple tubes for free last year, and I like that they have SPF 15 in them! I don't think I've used body spray in a long time, though.

  4. what a nice products! want all of them to be mine!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Everything looks so cute! I have one of their smaller palettes and the quality is actually really good!

  6. Ooh I like. The lipsticks especially look great and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. The range isn't available in AU so i hope it comes here soon. I love discovering new brands of makeup.


  7. LOVE VS! I haven't been in one in forever. I love their perfumes and fragrances. The Beauty Rush lip glosses are a bit too sticky for me, but I do love their Very Sexy glosses. I've also used and loved their blush. However, the liquid concealer wasn't really all that great. But I do love their stuff! Great post, darling! ♥

  8. Nice haul! I love Victoria's Secret, that store makes me happy.;D

    Heartbeat is such a lovely shade!:D

    ***** Marie *****


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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