May 28, 2011

Phenomenal Palette Giveaway Winner Announced...

I am so excited to reveal the winner of this giveaway.  (Also, I had over 152 entries this time around so a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered.)  She is the author of a really cute beauty blog and is always praising my "DIY Beauty Fridays", even on her own blog.  So, without further adieu, the winner is......

Congratulations Mandy...I am super stoked for you to have won these goodies!!!  Ladies, check out Mandy's blog HERE.  You`ll love it!!



  1. Thank you sooo much! :D I like your blog sooo much, it's interesting! ♥ I follow you as well! (:

  2. Aww, thank you Christina! You're so sweet! This totally made my day! :D

  3. Yay! Congratulations to Mandy. And thank you again for hosting such a generous giveaway. :)

  4. Thanks, Stavroula! I appreciate it!

    And thanks to Bronwen and Cindy as well! ♥

  5. ooops im close ^_^ wink congrats to mandy ^_^


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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