May 11, 2011

Flawless Coverage with Clinique

I know this girl who has, perhaps, the most flawless looking skin I've ever seen.

She's a co-worker friend of mine who's blessed with long, gorgeous dark hair and perfectly porcelain skin.....I know what you're all thinking but you can't hate someone who's as fun as she is.

We were having a conversation about foundation the other day and I casually asked her what she usually wears. She promptly said that she wasn't wearing any foundation or concealer. (We sit across the room from each other so I'm positive she couldn't see my jaw hitting the floor after she said this.) She explained that she was only wearing a tinted moisturizer and a pressed powder and both products were from Clinique. We conversed a bit more about the product and after I received a pic from her displaying the product, I ran out to purchase it.

The two items I picked up were Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15 in Fair and Perfectly Real Compact Makeup in Shade 102. First, the powder is silky smooth and, best of all, the coverage is buildable. So, if you feel like wearing less one day but more the next, you can! I love how easy the powder slides on and covers any scarring or blemishes one may have. (I have a few scars and I hardly had to use any concealer since the powder did the trick.) Another great thing about the powder is that it stays matte all day. This was one of the first pressed powders I've used that does not make me oily during the day! A major bonus...

The Sheer Tint is phenomenal. (Thanks, Rheanna, for mentioning this product to me.) I, honestly, can not stop raving about this moisturizer!! Not only does it blend perfectly into your skin but it provides a fantastic sheer tint that actually covers redness and blemishes. (Honestly, I've yet to encounter any other tinted moisturizer that can do this.) On the days where I only wear some foundation, I'll mix a bit of this with my favorite foundation, apply with a sponge and I'm good to go all day. TRY THIS PRODUCT OUT!!!

You know, Clinique never used to be my favorite line but it's really starting to grow on me. If they continue making products like the Sheer Tint, I'm going to be hooked for sure. Have any of you ladies tried these out before?



  1. Ohhhh... That sounds like my kind of product. I dislike wearing foundation, so this might be a better alternative. Thanks!! xo

  2. My future mother in law swears by Clinique- especially the moisturizers and foundations. I don't wear foundation myself. I just use a little concealer under my eyes when necessary. My Lancome Dual Finish powder is one of my faves because it's light, but also gives enough coverage that I don't need foundation! Yay!

  3. wow sounds like a dream foundation! i have still yet to find the perfect foundation for me, its so tricky! ive tried blemish balms and foundations, but never tinted moisturiser as i feel i have slightly oily skin and am scared that tinted moisturizer will make my skin look very oily.
    I do use MAC's transparent prime powder over my foundation which almost makes my skin looked airbrushed, but i always feel my foundations too thick even if i put on a small amount.
    How do you think this will work on slightly oily skin?
    Thanks for this, i think i'll have to try it out! xx

  4. I use that powder and love it!! I think it is so much better that the MSF Natural from MAC that "everyone" raves about!!! I like Clinque's Even Better foundation also. I'm afraid that tint would not be enough coverage for me...

  5. It sounds really awesome. I have never tried Clinique products, so I would like to try them sometime. Right now I am really into trying BB creams.

  6.'s a fantastic product, it really is. Plus, it has sunscreen!!!

    @Tara...Hmmmm, I should totally try the Lancome powder. Glad you found something that works so well for you

    @PeachPoison...I totally understand about the oily factor lady. I use a primer BEFORE I put on my moisturizer and that helps alot. My go-to primer is Estee Lauder's me this will help you LOADS

    @Labelsnob...I didn't think it would be enough coverage either but when I mix it with a bit of foundation, it's perfect

    @Yami...I've never tried BB Creams though I've heard lots about them

  7. I haven't tried Clinique, but I use the Cover Girl AquaSmoothers tinted moisturizer instead of foundation all the time. I love it! I feel like it gives such a natural finish and it has SPF too! (AND it's cheap!)

    Plus.. tinted moisturizers don't sweat off in the summer! ♥

  8. I love Clinique products. I use the SPF 30+ Super City Block which is a tinted face protector (similar to this product) and I LOVE it! I also use all their skin care products, while they can be pricey they are doing wonders on my face I don't get any blemishes anymore.

  9. I loved Clinque! I have a lot of their products including these two! Sadly, the tinted moisturizer that I have is a little dark I wear it more in the summer. But I love any and all of their powders. ALL AMAZING.

  10. I will definitely keep these in mind! Both sound promising.:D

    Thanks for sharing!:D

    ***** Marie *****


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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