Jul 21, 2011

A Summer Avon Haul

Guess what?  I started selling Avon/Mark products!!  It's funny, I've been doing it a while and totally forgot to share it with you.  So, it's no surprise that my recent haul would be Avon/Mark.

As you all know, I really like Mark and Avon products.  I know I've blogged about multiple items numerous times but there's really a good reason for it: Their products are inexpensive and remarkably good quality.  No where else, that I've seen, can you get three nail polishes for $6 or a full skin care line for under $30.  Like I said, it's a fabulous line for people that don't want to spend a lot of money but still want great quality.

Here's what I purchased:

From left to right: Avon Smooth Minerals Radiant Veil in Pink Radiance (Illuminating Face Powder), Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Kicked Up Coral, Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Pinktastic, Mark Berry Grand Super Exfoliating Beads, Avon Nail Enamel in Mambo Melon, Avon Nail Enamel in Sunshine, Avon Nail Enamel in Mocha, Avon Nail Enamel in Ballerina, Scentini Eau De Toilette Spray in Rose Fizz and Scentini Eau De Toilette Spray in Plum Twist.

I was soooo excited for the Scentini Fragrances because they were newly launched, only cost $9.99 each AND they spray on like a dry oil which makes for a longer lasting scent.  Both scents are gorgeous but I am seriously loving the Plum Twist.  It smells like you're standing under a plum tree.  It's so gorgeous and summery.

Of the haul though, the items I was most excited to receive are:

The lipsticks.  From left to right: Pinktastic and Kicked Up Coral.  So, ever since I saw Elisha Cuthbert sporting the new Joe Fresh Fuscia Matte Lip Color, I had wanted to get a bright pink tone for myself.  However, every Superstore I visited was completely sold out of the lipstick.  So, for a little bit less than Joe Fresh ($4.99) I decided to get this lipstick.  I am so wearing this to work tomorrow!

The Exfoliating Beads.   I have been eyeing this product for quite some time and yet never bought it until now.  This is such a great skin care item for those that adore their cleanser but still need to use a scrub daily or even weekly.  Add a little scoop of this mixture to your cleanser and you have your very own scrub, without having to buy a separate product.  These exfoliating beads are made with rice, corn, cranberry, apricot and pomegranate so you don't feel bad about putting them on your face AND it's not too gritty so it won't irritate your skin.  Such a bargain at $12.

The Nail Polishes.  Of all the polishes I have I don't have any coral tones so Mambo Melon (first on the left) was my first choice.  Since they were 3 for $6, I also got Mocha (third from the left) and Ballerina (fourth from the left).  My mom purchased a couple too and gave the Sunshine (second from the left) to me.  YAY.

I am loving my new Avon things and can't wait to do a FOTD with the new lipstick.



  1. I'm loving my new Avon things too! Great haul!!xo

  2. Oooh everything looks gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on some of their stuff!! :)

  3. Mambo Melon looks fab! I must say I don't own a single Avon products

  4. Great haul! :D I haven't gotten anything from Avon in a really long time but seems like they have some pretty good stuff!

  5. Those lippies look so pretty! I haven't ordered from avon in ages :)

  6. Love the idea of those exfoliating beads!

  7. Nice haul! I love their Glimmersticks eyeliners and lipliners :)

  8. 3 polishes for $6 you say? You have officially piqued my interest, lady!

    And I'm loving the exfoliating beads as well. What a cool concept! ♥

  9. Great haul! I love those nail colors! My fiance's sister also sells Avon/Mark, so I always have the temptation to buy lots of things I don't really need. :) A little doesn't hurt though, right?! ;)


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