Jul 25, 2011

Cheap Tricks: Beauty On A Dime

I am ALWAYS looking for inexpensive ways to look amazing.  Let's be honest though ladies, aren't we all?  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that finding a dual purpose product that costs next to nothing is a dream come true.  So, here are some cheap beauty tricks that keep you looking amazing without having to spend a heap of dough....

Tap lip gloss under your brows
Everyone has a shimmery pink gloss in their makeup case so grab it and apply under your brows.  This is a great tip because it highlights, opens your eyes and blends (without flaking) really well.

Comb bronzer through your lashes
There is something so eye-catching about a shimmery bronzer and when applied to your lashes it seems to catch the light perfectly.  This tip is great for a night out!  (Apply with a brow comb or small crease brush).

Get an instant glow
Mix a small amount of metallic eyeshadow with your moisturizer for an instant brighter looking complexion.  I use a soft gold shimmery eyeshadow and it always looks fabulous! 

Refresh your lip color
If you're like me and you have tons of half used tubes of lipstick in your makeup bag, cut them up and create your own shades!  Cut off the ends, pop them in the microwave, melt them down and pour into little lipgloss pots.  You'll have your very own custom colors without having to buy anymore!!

Shiny, non-greasy, limbs
There is something super sexy about shiny (non-greasy) limbs in the summertime.  Add a drop of baby oil to your favorite body lotion and get moisturizing.  Your limbs will have a great shine without being too slick.

Shave with conditioner
Running out of shave cream always happens to me and instead of grabbing bar soap, turn to your conditioner bottle.  It softens the hair and makes shaving so much easier.  Plus, it smells so pretty! (**ensure you don't apply too much though as it can make it more difficult for the razor to get to the hair.)

Create your own scented body lotion
Don't throw out your almost empty perfume bottles.  Instead pour your fave into a container of unscented lotion.  (**The best thing about a scented body lotion is that it stays on your skin for longer so you won't have to re-apply the scent as often.)

Have any of you ladies tried these before?  If not, I'd love to hear some of your favorite cheap beauty tips...



  1. Ohhh, great tips!!!! I can't wait to try some. I have no tips, that I can think off :( xo

  2. Great ideas! I especially love the make your own lipstick! Where do you get the lip pots? I have a couple lipsticks that I don't really love, but I sometimes layer them to get a prettier color. Mixing them would save me time and space in my makeup drawer!

  3. These are all great! Never though of bronzer on lashes, I'll have to try that one. :)

  4. Great post!
    Particularly like the tips about shimmery bronzer on your lashes and using a metallic shadow in your moisturiser.

  5. @Bronwen....thanks so much lady!

    @Tara...I buy the little lip gloss posts from either the dollar store OR in the travel container section at the drugstore. If you can't find any, I can always send you a whole wackload

    @Vintage Makeup...thanks lady! I know....you definitely have to try the bronzer on the lashes.

    @Angela...The metallic eye shadow in your moisturizer is my favorite one. Honestly, my favorite highlighter was discontinued and I am always using this trick


  6. Oh I'm totally going to try the bronzer tip!! :)

  7. Great tips! My fave is the baby oil trick. Definitely going to try that soon. <3

  8. Great tips, I am going to try the bronzer on my lashes.:D

    ***** Marie ******


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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