Sep 15, 2015

The Week of Vampy Oxblood - Day 2: The Lip Gloss

These two words have always been in constant competition with one another.  One promises gorgeously glossy, moisturized lips while the other gives a stunning pigmented look.  However, can both of these products give you that perfectly vampy oxblood look?

I purchased 4 lip glosses which all looked as vampy as I could find.  They were Joe Fresh Lipgloss in Wine, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Jasmine and NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in She Devil.

I picked the Joe Fresh up, on the weekend, from a bargain bin.  Instead of the usual $8 price point, I only paid $4 for.  The color in the tube was almost exactly what I was looking for but on, it's a bit to berry for it to be called vampy.  In terms of a nice wine-colored lip gloss, I highly recommend it.

I am very familiar with Clinique's Black Honey as it was one of my first lip glosses I ever bought.  I do remember it being slightly darker, though, and much more deep of a tone than it was when I put it on today.  I will say of all the lip glosses being swatched today, this one is my least favorite in terms of a vampy color.

You can never go wrong with a Buxom Lip Gloss. First of all, they are filled with a lip plumper so they make your lips nice and voluptuous and second of all, the colors are absolutely stunning.  This one is without a doubt my favorite in regards of looking vampy oxbloodish; dark red with a hint of glitter.  Love it.

Vampy oxblood?  Yes, it sure is!  NYX has definitely taken the cake with this color,  HOWEVER, it's bordering more on black than oxblood but it is indeed very vampy.

I will say despite loving lip gloss, I do believe you need to use lipstick for this trend.  Not only are lipsticks more pigmented, but they are also matte which to master the vampy look, you need to have.  Tomorrow, we will conquer the lipstick trend.

Which is your favorite vampy lip gloss?



  1. ohhhh... gotta love the gloss! From this list, I think I like the Buxom one the best, even though it isn't very vampy, or oxblood. haha.


  2. I just purchased some rosewater from I won't get to use if for a few weeks but I'll keep you posted on results.



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