Sep 21, 2015

Birchbox Canada September 2015 - Review

I'm currently on a quest to find the best beauty subscription box in Canada.  I'll make that clear again and say I want a BEAUTY BOX because to me, a beauty box should be filled with a lot of cosmetics.  I'm finding that so many boxes have moisturizers and cleansers as "fillers".

I get that some people enjoy those products but I am, unfortunately, not one of them.  Give me lip glosses, eye shadows and bronzers any day!

September was my first month receiving Birchbox.  Look how pretty the box is!!!

This month, the box's theme was about the subscribers.  According to the greeting, the box is inspired by all the subscriber's favorite things.

My box was filled with quite a few goodies, but only one item was makeup.  From left to right, i received 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, Raw Spirit Wild Fire Fragrance tester, Davines OI sample of Shampoo and Conditioner, Tocca Nourishing Body Scrub, Davines OI All-In-One Milk Treatment and a Cynthia Rowley Liquid Liner in Cobalt.

The color is absolutely stunning and I can't WAIT to wear it.  I will say that the lasting power of this liner is fantastic.  I placed it on my hand and it was still visible after two showers, a day later.  Awesome stuff.

The box, for a first glimpse, was great.  A few too many body products but the liner definitely made up for it.  I am eager to see what this box looks like next month.

Birchbox Canada
Total price per month: $14.95 CAD
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  1. Beautiful liner!! I have used the Davines Milk treatment for years now, I like it a lot. I agree though, that's next to no makeup. I would be disappointed too. xo

  2. I love that liner! I am a little tired of beauty boxes containing (what I consider to be) too many cleansers, etc. I'd love to see what your next Birchbox contains. I might sign up, too!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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