Feb 28, 2012

Interview with a Makeup Artist

I'm so fortunate to have the friends I do especially when they're either makeup artists or hair stylists!  My fabulous friend, Ariella (who featured on my blog HERE and HERE and HERE) is not only a makeup artist but, now, a registered holistic nutritionist.  YAY for me!!  Anyway, check out a Q&A with the lovely lady:

1) How did you first get into makeup artistry?
I knew I wanted to pursue art but wanted to make sure I could make a living at it so I thought working in TV & film was my best bet.

2) What is your favorite style of makeup to do on others?
I love doing special FX makeup but since I mainly do weddings now, creating a "natural glow" is something I love.

3) What are your favorite cosmetics?
I can honestly say I don't have one brand that I'm loyal to.  There are usually 2 or 3 products from many different lines that I gravitate towards.  For example, my current faves are Tarte Foundations, Benefit Highlighters, MAC Eye Primer, Laura Mercier Face Primer and Stila Eye Shadows.

4) What is the hardest thing (makeup-wise) you've ever learned to do?
I turned a past boyfriend into a blue alien.  Let me say that it was no cake walk!  Airbrushing full bodies is very challenging because unlike a face or a canvas, you must consider every individual angle and a person's movements.

5) Is wearing primer necessary?
It depends completely on your skin type and lifestyle.  If you're a person that applies makeup at 7 AM and needs it to last through the evening then, yes, invest in a good primer.  I see too many women with creased eye makeup and want to run after them holding eyeshadow primer!  Also, if you have blemished skin, I also suggest using a face primer to protect and even out skin tone.  Although a good primer is an investment, your foundation will last longer as a result.  Laura Mercier and Smashbox make fantastic primers.

6) What is the proper way to apply concealer?  Foundation?  Powder?
I find that applying foundation first, then concealer and, finally, powder (powder seals the liquid makeup) to be the most lasting method.  Concealer should be pressed into the face NOT swiped which just moves the makeup around the face.  Press it in with a brush or your fingertip.  Also, press the powder into your face, similar to concealer (try using a makeup sponge) as swiping it will case the makeup to move around and look blotchy.

7) Any special tips you can share?
Experiment and practice!  Makeup is supposed to be a fun way of expressing yourself, like fashion.  Try something new and have fun!  It doesn't need to be the same thing everyday.

8) What's the best way to cover acne scaring?  Pimples?  Blackheads?
The best way to deal with acne or blemishes is to let your skin breathe.  (In other words, don't cover your skin all the time.)  Address the problem and ensure you're taking your makeup off every night.  Also, moisturize your skin!  Often oily skin, which leads to blemishes, is a result of lack of moisture which makes your body overcompensate.  Another tip is to try wearing a foundation with clay in it (like Tarte) which helps control oil throughout the day.  If you're very red in skin tone mix a little green corrector into your foundation which will help even out the complexion.

9) How do you create a smoky eye with as few steps as possible?
3 colors, that's all you need!  1) Medium, all-over color.  2) Feature color, darkest one.  3) Highlighter, for eyebrow and corner of the eye.  Take your first color and apply it all over your eyelid and below the bottom lashes.  Take your feature color and SLOWLY add it on top and into your lash line.  (This can be as bold or as subtle as you'd like.)  Remember, you can always add more color and it's much more difficult to take it off once applied so take your time.  Add the highlighter last and throw on some liner if you want.  (adds a bit more drama to the look.)  Voila, a smoky eye.  I personally love doing smoky eyes in different colors like brown, maroon, purple or navy blue!

10) Any secrets of the trade you want to share?
Choose one facial feature to focus on and the rest should be complimentary.  Either your eyes, lips, cheeks but not everything at once.  Invest in a couple of great brushes as they are the backbone of any great look.  Another good investment is foundation in a pump or squeeze bottle; bacteria stays away for longer and you can control how much product you want to use.

Whew, lots of questions.  Thanks Christina for asking me to chat!!

Note from Christina - Ariella attended Blanche McDonald Professional Makeup School and, after finishing the program, started working on many independent films as a makeup artist.  She left the film industry, quite some time later, to pursue other career passions (such as holistic nutrition.)  She mainly focuses on weddings (yes, she's doing my makeup for my wedding) and photo shoots in the Vancouver area.  She has a passion for eco-friendly makeup and making women feel like the best version of themselves.  She loves helping people feel effortless in their makeup (not like they're wearing face paint) though she does enjoy making a mean dead body once in a while!!  Ha


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