Feb 3, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: Cinnamon and Your Complexion

I am a cinnamon addict.  There, I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest.

If it wasn't so socially awkward, I'd probably add cinnamon to everything.  (seriously, cinnamon on potatoes is actually really yummy.)  Aside from the fabulous taste of cinnamon, it's actually packed full of amazing benefits for your body too! Cinnamon can help remedy the common cold, indigestion, flatulence (yes, I do mean gas), nausea, improve vitality and energy, poor circulation, digestion of milk/dairy products and , my personal favorite, your complexion.  Yes, it's true ladies, cinnamon promotes blood circulation which creates a rosy complexion AND it also reduces scarring and acne.  Here are some recipes to try:

Cinnamon Tea for a Glowing Complexion

1 pot (for water)
3 pieces of cinnamon sticks (*please use Ceylon and not Cassia cinnamon*)
Honey or agave (I prefer agave)

Boil enough water to fill up your favorite tea mug.  Once the water is boiled, add in the cinnamon and let steep for about 4 - 5 minutes.  After it's steeped, strain the cinnamon and pour tea into your mug.  Add honey or agave to taste and drink away.  **For those that don't like the taste of cinnamon as much as I do, I have some other recipes BUT for those that like this tea idea, don't drink more than one cup per day.**

Cinnamon Pimple Remedy

3 TBSP of honey
1 TBSP cinnamon (I use ground cinnamon for this)

Mix the two ingredients together and apply mixture to cleansed skin (before bed), mainly focusing on the blemishes.  Leave on overnight and wash off in the morning with warm water.  If used regularly, this mixture actually removes pimples a the root.  **I used this mixture on my back during the summer months to prevent pimples and had wonderful success.  I definitely need to start using this trick again.**

Organic the Glow from Davids Tea 

Steep tea in boiling water according to directions on package.  (it's about 4-7 minutes steeping time.)  Once steeped, remove your infuser (or tea bag) and add sweetener should you desire it.  Drink to your hearts content!  **The tea's slogan is "get gorgeous" for a specific reason.  It combines rooibus (a plant that is jam-packed with minerals and vitamins) cinnamon, rose petals and jasmine to give you the perfect complexion.  Though this tea is not my favorite, it's one of Davids Tea best sellers for a reason: it works.**

Cinnamon is such a warm and comforting spice, one that brings me back to my childhood when I would indulge on cinnamon/brown sugar toast.  (Seriously, my mom must have been crazy for letting us eat that before school.)  Knowing there are some major advantages to cinnamon, though, makes me want to use (and eat) it more.  Woohoo!

Happy weekend ladies!


  1. I had no idea cinnamon was so beneficial. Thanks for the info! I'll definitely be trying out the cinnamon tea! xo

  2. Wow that's amazing I love cinnamon - now I don't feel guilty for mucnhing on a cinnamon swirl :)
    Great post



  3. Yum, the tea sounds delish, the only problem with the mask is that my dog would probably lick it off my face! Haha!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. Happy weekend! Who knew cinnamon was so awesome. :) I've never been one for the taste of it though haha


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