Feb 27, 2012

Top 6 Red Carpet Looks

Yesterday was the first time I watched the entire Oscar pre-show.  I typically flip back and forth while watching something else to ensure I see a few highlights (aka Brad Pit....) but yesterday I watched it from start to finish.  Though I'm usually blown away by the fabulous dresses the women wear, I have to say that yesterday the looks were even better than I expected.  Most of the dresses encompassed an Old Hollywood Glam theme which is definitely up my alley.  Here are my top 6 looks from the red carpet..

#6 - Berenice Bejo from The Artist 

Berenice is absolutely stunning most of the time but last night she was breathtaking.  Honestly, there is no one I know that could pull off a mint green lace long-sleeved dress with as much grace as she did.  Plus, her red hair accentuated this dress is such a fantastic way.  She looked amazing!

#5 - Rooney Mara from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Ummm, simply stunning. Honestly I have no other words to describe this look.  First off, this dress would not look good on anyone other than Rooney because of her vintage appeal.  Her dark hair and fair skin tone add so much dimension to this dress that it's as if it was created for her.  (which it very well could have been.)  She looked so amazing.

#4 - Milla Jovovich 

Is there ever a time when Milla doesn't look fabulous?  Seriously, this girl has got mad skills, phenomenal willpower OR amazing genes.  Hmmmm...This one-shoulder beaded white dress looks amazing on her AND, again, has a vintage vibe to it.  

#3 - Emma Stone from The Help

This girl is such a cutie.  She's hilarious during the red carpet interviews and even funnier when presenting the award with Ben Stiller.  I love that she can make any, and all, styles look fantastic and breezy.  I adore this dress because the color suits her to a tee and the bow adds something extra special.  Plus, it's giving off a vintage vibe that really follows suit with the Oscars theme this year.

#2 - Natalie Portman

When I first saw her in this dress, I had no idea it was covered in polka dots.  Yes, I watched it in HD but I was staring at her prefect skin so I barely noticed the dress.  Looking back at it now, I realize just how gorgeous it really was.  Though this is not usually my favorite style of dress, it's perfect on her and something I would LOVE to wear because of the color.  As always, Natalie looked fantastic.

#1 - Michelle Williams from My Week With Marilyn

There are some people that just ooze confidence and radiate beauty and Michelle Williams is that person.  Never have I ever seen her in a look that she couldn't wear beautifully and with her fair, porcelain skin and blonde hair, she can pull off almost every color.  Not only was she wearing the best color of the night but her dress was so unique and fabulous that she appeared in a level all her own.  I WISH this dress was mine.

What were your favorite looks of the night?  Any dresses stand out to you?


  1. I completely forgot this was on, until it was too late and I was in the middle of a movie! I'm so disappointed, I usually never miss it. :(
    I love the dress that Berenice Bejo wore and Natalie Portman's, I think those two are my faves! xo

  2. love the dresses! So beautiful! Rooney Mara's dress is number one for me

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Natalie looked SO BEAUTIFUL!!


  4. Natalie... she's just gorgeous

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