Feb 26, 2011

Another Guest Blog by the Smashing Ariella

Unlike the lovely Ms. Christina, it is very rare for me to fall in love with a product. I am not loyal to any particular brands and I usually find myself settling for products more than loving them. But then a friend came to stay with me for a bit and brought along an amazing container of wonderful…

Only available in the US at Sephora, or ordered online here in Canada, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream has changed my world. I suffer from severely dry skin and eczema. This cream made a difference in just 3 days. I ordered a bunch immediately! It is free of fragrance, parabens and other harsh chemicals too, which is the cherry on top to this greatly affordable wonder cream!

As a makeup artist, there really aren’t many types of mascara I haven’t worked with. All have their benefits and downsides, and frankly, mascara is a very personal thing. Everyone’s eyelashes react differently. So just imagine my luck when after finding my amazing wondercream, I also found my perfect mascara!

I discovered Bourjois Paris Volumizing Mascara. If you are like most women, your eyes, lashes and brows are not identical, they are sisters, very similar, but different. My left lashes do not behave like my right!! My right has a perfect natural curl; my left just doesn’t want to curl! I religiously pull out and heat my eyelash curler each morning to fake it but within a couple hours we are back to square one. What first caught my eye about this mascara was its 2 step system. (None of this eyelash primer business, but 2 actual mascara wands in one tube). I curled my lashes, applied using each wand and voila! Perfect lashes… this is when I thought to myself “nice volume and length, but let’s see how long it lasts”. Now, this was one of those nights where you get tipsy, tired and do not take your makeup off before going to bed, you know, the night where you are amazed you got into your pj's? Anyway, I woke up in the morning and went into the washroom and looked in the mirror. My first thought, “well that was a good night, look at that hair!” but more importantly, my second thought was “my eyelashes look like I just applied mascara!” They were still perfectly curled with virtually no smearing.

Perfection ladies, that’s all I can say.

Thanks so much Ariella for your reviews and words. I am so excited to hear about this mascara that I'm just about to run out and grab some myself....xo

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  1. Those are great product reviews! Thanks for sharing Ariella!!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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