Feb 23, 2011

Color Changing Lipstick???

Have you ever worn color changing lipstick??? (aka Mood Stick...) Well, I can sure remember my first encounter.

It was grade 7 and my mom had finally allowed us to wear lipstick to school. My sister and I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart and each picked out a mood changing lipstick. (Mine was blue and hers was green.) We were sooooo excited to have not only bought our very own beauty product with our very own money but that it was supposed to rival a mood ring, except on your lips! It was a very exciting day. We ran home, opened the plastic wrapper and promptly spread our tubes on our lips. Almost immediately, our lips turned bright pink and, they stayed that way for hours. (So much for color changing.) However, I will say that it had the best staying power of ANY product I've ever used. My mom was trying to wash this horrible color off our mouths because, as she said, "it's too bright and NOT the color I was referring to when I said you could wear lipstick!" Unfortunately, the color didn't budge. She scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and finally, on the third day, the color began to fade. (Man were our lips chapped after that...)

Quite a story, I know, but it hasn't deterred me from wanting to try other color morphing beauty products. So, when I noticed that DuWop Cosmetics had a trio of color changing lipsticks, I promptly pulled out my credit card.

Of the three available, I purchased the Private Red and Private Nude. (There is also a Private Plum.) These lipsticks are supposed to morph into each woman's perfect nude or red shade so, for the second time, I tore of the wrappers and applied the red right away. The color (prior to change) is actually beautiful; very deep and vibrant. Within about five minutes, the color did start to change and I was left with a warm berry color. I wanted to love this color, I really did, but with my complexion, it didn't work. I was really wishing for a cooler tone.

However, the Private Nude is absolutely perfect! The tube color is a mocha tone and goes on very smoothly. Within minutes the color had truly morphed into my perfect shade. (An amazing neutral with a slight rosy pink undertone.) I will definitely be buying this shade again! My only qualm, and yes there is one, is the amount you need to reapply. It seemed I was reapplying almost three times an hour. (This is a lot, even for me.) Either way, the color is great and definitely worth the $22.

Have you ever tried the Private Lipstick collection? If so, what are your thoughts?


  1. I've never heard of this brand. Where did you get it?

  2. I purchased mine, online, from Spehora.com
    I will say that DuWop is NOT sold in canadian stores but if you like to online shop, check this out on the DuWop cosmetics website!


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