Feb 15, 2011

The Power of Green

On the color wheel, for those that don't know, red and green are directly across from each other. Though I've known this for quite some time, I've never before used a concealer that didn't match my skin perfectly....until the other weekend.

I've been going through quite a rough patch with my skin for the past couple weeks. For some reason, I'm breaking out A LOT more than usual. Typically, I don't really care, but my friend and I had planned a weekend in the States and I was dreading getting all dressed up and having a bright red intruder on my chin. So, after some careful perusing, I purchased my first ever green concealer.

As I was applying my makeup, I used just a tad of Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer in Green to cover my monstrosity. Low and behold, the product covered the pimple like a dream. I used the stick on some of my scarring (since I'm so fair, scarring is something I'm prone to) and it covered everything with one easy swipe of the tube.

Since that day, this little tube of green wonder has become a staple in my makeup bag. I use it on everything from minor touch-ups to large red spots and it always does the trick.

QUICK TIP: I used to apply concealer first before any other product and it seemed I was using way more product, plus I felt oily during the day. So, I've changed my ways. Once you've moisturized you skin, apply a quick setting powder to your skin before anything else. (A rice powder OR translucent powder will do the trick.) It seems to sop up any extra oil and moisture which creates an even canvas. After this step, apply your concealer. You will use a lot less, I guarantee it.


  1. I've used Physician's Formula's green powder for forever and love it since I am also fair. I will have to try this product now too! Can you buy it locally?

  2. Yes, I purchased this stick at Target in Bellingham however you can definitely find it at any drug store in Vancouver.

  3. Whoa - I want! Never seen it about though x


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