Jun 7, 2011

The Palette Allan Doesn't Know About (But Probably Does Now)

So, I went shopping this weekend, as you know and the Sephora Self-Tanner wasn't the only thing I purchased.....

It's no joke that I love palettes.  And, it's also no joke that Allan has put his foot down and said "no more palettes for a while."  I've been doing a fantastic job not buying any (I really have) but I found one that I just couldn't pass up...

Thanks to Quo Beauty for making such a shimmery gorgeous palette.  Seriously.  I was trying all the colors in the store and couldn't believe how pigmented they all were.  Still amazed that it was only $29

The Quo Baked Beauty Box comes with 6 eye shadow trios (18 shadows in total), 2 blushes, 1 highlighter and 1 highlighter duo.  (The two blushes are on the right hand side while the highlighter duo is above the individual highlighter which are right beside the blushes.)  These colors are super shimmery, ultra shiny and last a very long time on your skin.  Oh, I also went to the gym after work last night (yes, I was wearing my makeup) and the colors were still pigmented once I finished, despite being as sweaty as I was.

To give you an idea of the shimmer, here are some swatches.  (From left to right, single highlighter, light pink blush and dusty rose blush.)

On a non-cosmetic note, I also treated myself to some jewellery.  I'll be honest, I never really buy myself jewellery because Allan likes to do this for me.  (I'm a lucky girl).  But, this specific shop was having a 50% sale and I just couldn't pass these two little items up...

I know right?  How could I have said no???  I love rubies (even more so than diamonds) so anything that resembles a gorgeous ruby I just have to have it.  These earrings have a vintage vibe, which I love, and were totally worth the money.  By money, I mean they were only $20

Now, I have wanted a circle necklace for quite some time.  I liked this one because it was 50% (obviously) and the chain is coiled, rather than plain.  It's sits perfectly on my chest and is oh so sparkly.  I love it!  And, it only cost me $12.50.  By the way, check out Vivah Jewellery because their sale is still on.

So, hope everyone had an awesome weekend and got some nice new things.  XO


  1. I Love Quo products they are a great deal usually and your pallette lOoks amazing!Their makeup brushes are quite good as well.

    Oh and by the way;love your new accessories too!

  2. That is such a cute palette! ^_^

  3. What a lovely palette! Your jewelry is gorgeous as well! Hopefully Allan doesn't get too upset if he finds out. :)

  4. @Margaret....thanks love!! I am always impressed with Quo Beauty. It's really a great drugstore brand

    @MSodaPop...I know!!! It's really cute

    @Tara....thanks lady! Annddd, I'm thinking that Allan knows about it now. He seems rather calm though..ha

  5. What a great little haul! I'm sure Allan is just jealous that he doesn't wear make-up so he can't buy palettes :) xo

  6. I can't believe Quo is a drugstore brand! But I've never heard of it; is it a Canadian exclusive? (lucky girl!)

  7. OMG I need at palette! I wish we had QUO in the US :)

  8. @Bronwen....thanks lady! Ha, he probably wishes that bike parts were as awesome as this palette..

    @Laura...I know! The quality is amazing for a drugstore brand. Yes, it's exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

    @Vintage Makeup...I wish you guys did too. I would always drive across the border since it would be cheaper...ha.


  9. Oooo... I don't know which one I'm more in love with: the palette or the necklace!

    I have a serious palette problem as well, haha! ♥

  10. Ohhh~ love the palette! >__< Wanna have it! ♥


  11. Oooh the palette is gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to resist it eitehr :)


  12. Naughty!;D Can't blame you, it's a good palette and inexpensive too.:D

    ***** Marie *****


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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