Jun 3, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: Easy-Peasy SPF Lip Balm

Wait for it, wait for it.....the most exciting happened to me this week.  I took my very first make-it-yourself makeup class and had the most wonderful time!!!  I wasn't sure what to expect, as I'd never done a class like this before, but it was actually really fun.  So, if you live in the Vancouver area and want to see what it's all about, click HERE to visit Cheryl's website.  She is not only a recipe mastermind but her wealth of knowledge on all things organic is mind blowing. 

The class I took was Summertime Skin Care.  I figured with the warm weather coming (well, hopefully) this course would be perfect as it talks about sun care AND you get to make your own sun care products.  From this class, I created my very own sunscreen, sun hair treatment, after-sun aloe spritz and a fabulous SPF rich lip balm (tinted, of course!).  Without further adieu, here's a quick way to create your own lip treatment:

                                                                                                     SPF Rich Lip Balm

2 Tsp. Beeswax beads (from any health/organic shop)
2 Tbsp. Castor oil (entire 30 mL bottle)
1/2 Tsp. Carnauba wax
1/2 Tsp. Honey
1/2 Tsp. Vitamin E
1 Tsp. Cocoa powder (tawny brown color) or Alkanet root powder (black cherry color)
4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil and 4 drops Spearmint

Heat the waxes and oils together first.  (We used a microwave and heated a glass measuring cup on medium for 1 minute.)  If you want to add an SPF, add 1/4 Tsp. titanium dioxide to the oils/wax before it goes in the microwave.  Remove mixture from the microwave and add the vitamin E, honey, cocoa powder (or alkanet root powder) and essential oils.  (If you see little lumps in the oil/wax mixture, mix them out with a spatula).  Pour mixture into contains while it's still warm so it goes in smooth.  Let sit until cool (or until the middle of the gloss sinks downward a bit.)  That's it....you've officially made your own lip gloss.

 This one batch will fill 6 tubes OR 6 little pots so share with your friends.  (I should also mention that all of the ingredients above can be found in any health food/organic store.  Become one with these stores...love the stores...ha.)  You will love this gloss so much because of the castor oil; it not only lubricates the lips but your lips will stay glossy for a long time.  You might find that you'll use even loss product....ha, well, we can only dream I guess.  Try it out ladies!  I can't wait to hear what you think...


PS - A big thanks goes out to Cheryl at Scentimental Creations.  Thanks for the class and the fabulous recipe!


  1. That's so cool! I can never find ingredients like these in our health stores though. Your tattoo is so cute!! :)

  2. So titanium dioxide is what gives products SPF? That's interesting. I can't make this (I don't use beeswax & honey) but I think I'll experiment with SPF at some point.

  3. Wow that's so cool! I love DIY posts. :)

  4. Great post Christina! Thanks for the recipe! xo

  5. Christina, ésta receta es muy interesante!!! Me encanta aprender sobre el cuidado de la piel para el verano asi que espero nos cuentes mássssss....
    Gracias por tu visita!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  6. that's a cool class to take, looks like you learned a lot.

  7. Thanks for the comments ladies!! xo

  8. What I like about this homemade lip balm is that all the ingredients are natural. I prefer using lip balms that contain more natural ingredients because my skin is so sensitive to everything. Plus, it looks easy to make! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    By the way, I tried your aspirin suggestion on some zits that decided to show up on my face last week, and I'm happy to say that it worked on me as well.

  9. @Chandra....I am soooooo happy to hear that the asprin trick worked!! I love it and it works like a dream on me too but it's nice to hear that others like it. xo

  10. Um.. this is SO cool! I totally can't wait to try it, except I wonder what you could use to get a more pinky/peachy tone instead of a tawny one? Hmmm...

    So jealous of your DIY makeup class! We don't have anything like that around where I live and I would totally love to try it. It sounds like so much fun! ♥

  11. Wow! How cool that you learned how to make these different products! The lip gloss turned out so pretty, too! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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