Jun 24, 2011

More Awards....For Me???

Today is supposed to be a DIY Beauty Friday day and I came home from working out FOREVER and thought I was going to die.  (Yes, I'm that out of shape).  Instead I thought I'd post about something I've put off for quite some time....

I am a terrible blogger friend.  My pal over at Purrceptive Vixxen nominated me for the Stylish Blog Award and me, being the horrible person I am, forgot I received this award until my awesome pal, Liz, over at Beauty Reductionista tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  So, I'm going to combine them both on here AFTER I give some major blog love...

Purrceptive Vixxen is one of my current favorite reads.  I love her blog because she isn't afraid to take chances with her posts and she shows her true self on her blog.  Oh and her and I both have a love for Avon products.  She's my Avon sister....ha.  Thanks again lady for the Styligh Blogger Award lady!!

I faithfully read Liz's blog, Beauty Reductionista, because she is such an insightful writer.  Her posts are well thought out and I can tell she loves beauty products as much as I do.  Also, she takes some of the best pictures......EVER.   If you haven't checked out her blog yet, PLEASE DO SO.  She is extremely talented!!

Thanks again, ladies.  You're both rockstars....Alright so let's see, things you don't know about me already

1. I usually change my hair color every month HOWEVER I've stayed in the red color family for the past 6 months.  I've never stayed with a color this long before 
2. Kids movies make me cry.  I honestly can't make it through the Land Before Time without tearing up when Little Foot's mother dies.  Sooooo sad
3. Allan bought me a bike, hoping I would ride with him (he's a downhill mountain biker) and I don't like it, at all. 
4. One of my favorite snacks is carrots dipped in mustard.  YUMMY
5. I am absolutely dreadful at applying eye liner.  Seriously, I try but it never works out the way I want it to.
6. I adore spicy food more than anything in the world.  The spicier the better.
7. I take a pill every day for chronic heartburn.  I sometimes wonder if this is because of #6???

I feel like I'm running out of secrets.  HA. I'm tagging (for both awards)

My girl Mandy from MandysSecrets 
My amazing pal from Beauty Boudoir
The oh so fashionable Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge 
The awesome chick behind The Make Up Fairy 
The beautiful Natalie from 4 Seasons



  1. Awww YAY! My first two blogging awards! Thank you, dear! What a great way to start my Friday! :D

  2. OH! I have recently discovered the joys of carrots and mustard as well. I can vouch: supremely yummy!

  3. Congrats on the awards! Kids movies make me cry too, seriously I refuse to watch them if they look remotely sad. I will NEVER again watch Dumbo!xo

  4. Aw, thank you, lady - so sweet of you :-)

    And congrats - you deserve both awards (you know I love and always read your blog ;-))


  5. Thanks so much for doing the tag and for your kind words! I must admit, blogging has done wonders for my photography skills, though I still think they're pretty limited.

    Loved finding out more about you! I used to have a heart of stone when it came to movies but after finding myself weeping through Tangled and Toy Story 3, I'm with you #2. Yay! lol


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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