Jun 20, 2011

My Shopping Spree Weekend (Part 1)

Target n' Macy's n' Sephora n' Victoria's Secret, oh my!

I adore shopping (yes, I know...a redundant statement.)  However, I adore cross-border shopping so much more than shopping in Vancouver because of the fabulous deals.  (There are so many!!!) As I'm sure you know, I went shopping this weekend and, let me tell you, I bought quite a few things.  (So many, in fact, that I had to split this blog post into two.)  I spent all day on Sunday shopping with my two girlfriends in the States, Saturday with a girlfriend shopping here in Vancouver AND Friday shopping with Allan at Metrotown (the biggest mall in BC).

I've split these posts into cosmetics (part 1) and clothes/shoes/accessories (part 2).  So, without further adieu:

Friday shop with Allan involved Sephora.  I purchased Benefit's BAD Gal Lash Mascara (which has been on my wishlist forever), Benefit's Feelin' Cheeky Minis and Bite's Luminous Creme Lipstick Trio

Adorable right?  The $18 package contained a mini PosieTint, a mini HighBeam and a mini BeneTint.  The sizes are perfect for travel AND trial.  (it's nice to know that Benefit creates smaller containers for people to try out prior to committing to the bigger bottle.)

Beyond obsessed with this new eco-friendly Canadian brand, Bite.  Get this...the product line is free of all petrochemicals AND packed with reservatrol (meaning that each product has the equivalent of five glasses of red wine's worth of antioxidents.)  Phenomenal.  My trio included Pepper, Bouquet and Rhone.

Left to right: Pepper Lipstick, Bouquet Lipstick and Rhone Lipstick.  Sigh, they are so gorgeous and moisturizing.

Sunday shopping spree to Victoria's Secret included Vixen Eau de Parfum and Noir Love Me Eau de Parfum.  So, typically I don't choose fragrances from VS but they were having a 75% off all beauty products sale and I just couldn't turn them down.  These fragrances were under $9 each.  Of the two, Vixen is my fave.  It reminds me Britney Spears' Fantasy but if you're not familiar with that one, it smells like candy and apples.  Love it.

Also from VS, and only $4 a piece, I picked up two new shower gels, one body spray and a new body lotion.  The pink bottles are the scent Wild One Midnight Raspberry & Sexy Lily while the blue bottle is Love Bitten Forbidden Apple & Sultry Woods.  Since I can't wear fragrances to work, I always use a scented lotion and/or body spray so these two will be going in my work bag.

Target purchases included these amazing lip glosses.  Ummm, am I the only one that had NO idea the Vitamin Water franchise had branched into lip glosses?  Either way, I snatched up the XXX flavor balm (my favorite Vitamin Water flavor) and was super stoked to see it packed an SPF of 20.  The two other balms are from the brand Say Yes to Carrots.  I grabbed two and bought Ready Red (left) and Sunset Pink (right).

I had wanted the Maybelline palette (right) for some time and can not wait to put on that bright blue color.  The palette on the left was bought on a whim, cost $1.50 and is probably the worst eye shadow but I really liked the eggplant color (middle).

Target is awesome for cosmetic deals like this one here from E.L.F.  The custom palette and eye shadows were only $1 each. I selected Sage (shimmer golden green), Dusk (shimmer charcoal), Moondust (shimmery bronze) and Periwinkle (shimmer purpley grey).

Last makeup purchase of the weekend came from Macy's.  As you know, this palette was also on my wish list.  Because we've been sold out of this item at most locations in Vancouver, I figured it was doomed to stay on my wishlist indefinitely.  I was wrong.  They had only ONE left at the Estee Lauder counter in Macy's and I snatched it up immediately.  Look at these colors....

I am so thrilled with my cosmetic purchases from the weekend and can not wait to show you all the colors with some up-and-coming EOTD's, etc.  Stay tuned!!  How was your weekend?  Did you buy anything noteworthy?  XO


  1. What an awesome haul! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post. Will you be giving us a virtual fashion show? xo

  2. Oh wow, I love the posey tint and I'll have to try bite! I cant' believe the estee lauder palette was sold out, I didnt realize it was so popular. Glad you got your hands on it...Once again, you got some great things:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Those Bite lippies look GORGEOUS!! Great haul, you totally make me want to go shopping!! :)

  4. Huge haul and great deals!:D

    Vixen smells good and I love those three products from Benefit!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. So. much. shopping!!!

    Those VS products look and sound yummy :-P


  6. Oooo... the Bouquet and Rhone lipsticks look SO luxurious! What gorgeous colors!

    Also.. AHH!! VS SEMI-ANNUAL SALE! I LOVE IT! I have to go back AGAIN this week and get more goodies. How awful am I?!

    And lastly.. Hmm.. I got a bunch of $1 L.A. Colors palettes recently and I've been really happy with all of mine. They're not super amazingly pigmented, but they can hold their own. What was wrong with your palette? ♥

  7. @Bronwen...thanks lady!

    @Mimi...You know I did NOT think it was that popular too however, I just couldn't find it anywhere. So glad I got it!

    @Vintage Makeup...ha, go shopping!! I'm a bad influence

    @Marie...I love Vixen too!!! It's gorgeous

    @Miss A...they are fabulous! Am I safe to assume that you don't have VS there?

    @MandysSecrets...Oh no, I haven't tried the LA palette yet but when something is that cheap, my first thought is that the quality is poor. Glad to hear your is good though!


  8. Vitamin Water lip balm??! SPF 20?!?!?!?! I AM SO EXCITED xD

  9. Love it, nothing like some good cross border shopping. Looking forward to part 2!

  10. Damn! Now that's an amazing haul! =) Enjoy your goodies!


  11. The Maybelline palettes are great - I've got two :)

  12. Fantastic haul! That last palette especially looks fabulous, too bad it's not availabe in AU (or maybe its a good thing, since I have waayy too many e/s in the first place.


  13. WHAT A HAUL!!!

    Those lipsticks look amazing. And boy do I wish we had a VS here... *sigh*


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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