Jun 16, 2011

The 5 Best Drugstore Shampoos/Conditioners

I'm a shampoo/conditioner snob and I freely admit it.  To me, a shampoo or conditioner is only worthy of my money if it comes from a salon. 

However, when Allan and I first began saving for the down payment on our condo, there were a few things I had to stop buying and my expensive hair products appeared to be the logical sacrifice.  At first, I was desperately missing my expensive Pureology items and all I could think about was how these "cheap" drugstore products were ruining my hair.  And then (prepare yourself for it) I found a shampoo and conditioner that actually smelled even better than my Pureology and from then on, I knew everything was going to be okay.  Haha.

The 5 Best Drugstore Shampoos/Conditioners

1.  L'Oreal Paris Nutri-Shimmer Shampoo and Conditioner - This is one of my current favorites.  In fact, I used it this morning and my hair still feels and smells amazing.  I love these products because they actually add a shine/shimmer to every strand, making your hair look extremely healthy.  According to the L'Oreal laboratories they developed nutri-shimmer with "Pearl and Protein which provides targeted care for the hair fibre."  Whatever they put in, it works.  I highly recommend it.

2.  Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo -  I picked this HUGE bottle up for $3 from Target when I was in the states shopping and have never looked back.  If you are like me and constantly use tons of hair products (pommade, mousse, hairspray, etc) then you need a clarifier to remove the dulling buildup.  I use this shampoo once a week (usually Sundays) and, afterwards, my hair is shiny and oh so volumized.  If you have colored hair like I do, do not exceed use of once per week with any clarifying shampoo as your color will fade a lot quicker.

3.  Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner - This entire line is amazing.  Not only are all their items processed without sulfates and parabens but their scents are PHENOMENAL.  (They have tons of different smells ranging from coconut milk to cherry blossom.)  I especially like this formula because it deep cleans without being abrassive and after using it, my hair is super soft, shiny and manageable.  By the way, these products cost about $8.99 (CAN) each and for salon style paraben-free formulas, this is such a fanastic price.

4.  John Frieda Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo and Conditioner - Ummm, wow.  Love love love these products.  I'll say that I use the Radiant Red because I, obviously, have red hair but there are also formulas for Brilliant Brunettes and Sheer Blondes.  These two products are great because they actually protect your colored hair and keep your color looking bright for a lot longer, which is definitely what you need if you're a red head.  Another good thing is the price.  Yes, it's on the upper end for a drugstore product but comapred to what you'd pay for salon goodies, you're saving a wackload.

5.  L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner - I wasn't a fan of this one when I first kicked my expensive salon product habit but I went back to it a few months later and it grew on me.  I have to admit that L'Oreal makes great smelling shampoos and the fact that this line is formulated without sulfates, makes this a great buy.  I will say that if you aren't too familiar with what sulfates are they are the additives that make your shampoo foam or bubble.  (Basically, they're an additive that can also strip your hair and suck out moisture.)  So, by not having sulfates, you'll notice that the shampoo doesn't foam/lather as much but your hair will feel better after it's clean.

What are your favorite drugstore shampoos and conditioners?  Have you used any of these products before?



  1. I KNOW I need a clarifying shampoo but have been unsure how much it would affect my color, Thanks for the tip, I think I'll use it once a week like you say.
    Oh, and I tried the John Frieda Blonde and not as much luck...my hair turned a strange yellow, so I think these coloring shampoos all depend on what shade you already have...but most blondes rave about it;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. I've tried the Organix line, but not the moroccan oil ones. :) I like the one I have it's the one in the green bottle.

  3. oooohhhhh... awesome post! I haven't been interested in trying the L'Oreal ones before, but you may have changed my mind. I also use a deep conditioner at least once a week. Since my hair is so curly and usually unruly, I find it helps tame it for a few days.
    I also scout out the discount store Winners (I think it's TJ Maxx in the US) for discounted Salon brands. xo

  4. Must try the Organix ones, it's the second raving review I read about them in a couple of weeks :)

  5. I haven't tried most of these, but I do use some of the Organix Argan oil products and love them! Thanks for the reviews!

  6. I like the Suave clarifying shampoo too - inexpensive and works great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. What about Pro Naturals?


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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