Oct 12, 2010

On-line Shops for Canadians

I LOVE on-line shopping.

It's such a rush to be able to sit around, in pajamas, drinking coffee or vodka (depending on the time of day) and shop for everything, without having to leave your house. Not only that, but you can also shop for really great deals. Whether it's wholesale shopping from stores in the US or bidding on exclusive items on e-bay, you can find products that are difficult to find in shops.

Typically, I shop from stores in the US since they have better prices (yes, even with the shipping and exchange rate) and a greater selection BUT, it's all changing. I've found a few great shops that not only ship to Canada but offer an amazing selection at cheap prices. (It doesn't get much better than this.)

www.beautyticket.com - This site is great. Brand name lines at inexpensive prices. They have Steals of the Week and will even alert you, via email, when they have exclusive sales.

www.well.ca - It's a huge drugstore on-line. You'll find everything from skin care to cosmetics and even vitamins.

www.strawberrynet.com - AMAZING! You have make-up, skin care and fragrances all in one website. No need to bounce around and order from multiple places.

Enjoy the sites and happy shopping!!!

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